Ham and Jam is a teamplay orientated, first person WW2 multiplayer game centred around the British and Commonwealth campaigns from 1939-45. Historically accurate missions coupled with careful balance between realistic and enjoyable gameplay makes Ham and Jam a unique experience. Ham and Jam started out as an idea between it's two main developers as an alternative to the tired old "U.S./Russia vs. Germany, post June 6th 1944" formulae WW2 games seem to use. Fed-up with everything prior to D-Day being ignored, the North West Europe theatre and the lack of British, Commonwealth and Free Forces they decided to do something about it. The goal was clear, to make a WW2 mod that featured all the missing bits of WW2 history, portray it in a historically accurate way but without detracting from the fun or playability by overdoing realism. In short the kind of game they and their friends would like to play. The name comes from the original code words for the capture of the Pegasus/Orne bridges

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Episode 58

Episode 58

Feature 9 comments

This week William and Phillip are joined by Dave of ModDB. They talk about L4D2, Coven, PVK2, Spherical Nightmares, Human Error, RnL, Raindrop, 1187...

Episode 53

Episode 53

Feature 12 comments

This week William and Phillip are joined by Joe W-A. They talk about: L4D2 Achievements & Realism Mode, Half-Mind, Ham and Jam, Dogfight, Tension, Torn...

Transmission 16601

Transmission 16601

Feature 51 comments

This week William and Phillip interview Dec of The Mortewood Plaza. They also run through this weeks news: Situation Outbreak, Strider Mountain, Ham ...

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