Introduction: Hello, My name is Mikhail.C aka oomnine. I gladly present this mod to you. Remember, this mod is not developed by a team, but completely by myself. This is the first mod (halo)and far the longest modding time I have used than any other mods. The goal of the mod is to remake Halo Trial into complete halo 3/odst. The game is comepletely JOINT USER FRIENDLY. I have spent months gathering data and learning modding tools just to make this mod as perfect as possible. Ofcourse, many of these resources i used in the mod are from others, I humbly give credit and thank those who distribute the hard work.I myself, as an artist, contributed much textures on the vehicles and bipeds. Last thing, if you are wondering why this is version 1.3 and cant find any previous versions, that is because those versions are never released and only played by me and some of my friends. I hope you enjoy this mod, if there is any problem, it might be fixed in the future or simply go fix it yourself.

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Halo 3 For Trial V1.3

Halo 3 For Trial V1.3

Feb 17, 2010 Full Version (129.22mb) 25 comments

This version should work. Multiplayer should be friendly and the game shouldnt crash. I doubt there will be any additional update. We will see about it...

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