The third part of the Halfquake series has finally seen the light of the day. Over a hundred new traps that will kill you over and over again - for the enjoyment of whoever's watching you. Claustrophobic black-and-white surroundings, intimidating voice-overs, and a new ambient/industrial soundtrack with over an hour of playtime.

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nice game, ;p

This is better than the other Halfquakes, the gameplay is similar requiring the user to jump/button hunt but it manages to do it in increasingly interesting ways. Theres still the trial and error death traps and some are unavoidable the first time but the key difference is you actually have to think as to how to solve them.
It takes all the good things from Amen, like cool music and humor.
And thankfully leaves behind the black and white nightmare.
It uses some custom textures like stone/wooden doors and metal spikes with a grey colour scheme that makes it look like a black and white film. I would say that the textures at times look like Quake, which is what this series should have been like from the beginning.
But the level design is actually good this time around, the labyrinth you go through feels cramped until you get to the puzzle areas which are only as big as they have to be.
Smaller levels than the first Half-quake which gives us that claustrophobic feeling, which along with death traps reminds me of a movie, the Cube.
Which was referenced in the first Halfquake I believe.

Play it for the challenge which will leave you satisfied, not just because you survived a hard journey... but because you did so due to figuring it all out.


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