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In Half-Life's History..You've played as Gordon Freeman, You've played as Adrian Shephard, and You've played as Barney Calhoun. As mods were made you saw more and more roles come around.. One was a lawyer, An evil evil person in Half-Life Visitors.

Half-Life:Visitors takes place in the "Visitors" center of Black Mesa during the Black Mesa Incident. Half-Life:Visitors has the classic weapons plus two new weapons:The Pipe and the M24 sniper Rifle.

While the mod can get irritating because of hard to solve puzzles..This mod introduces in ambushes that can catch you off guard in tight spaces, and more destructive enviroments.

raversanthem says
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A great mod with an interesting spin on the half-life universe. Playing through the story felt like it was a full fledged expansion to half-life. If your looking for a different take on the events of Black Mesa you should check this one out.

flippedoutkyrii says
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While there are some hitches and strange design issues, Half-life Visitors brings forth another great romp through Black Mesa from a different perspective, and offers plenty of great fire-fights and exciting gameplay with marvelous attention to detail :)

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Jun 1st, 2014

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