Half-life: Visitors - a Singleplayer adventure For more information please visit the official website at: www.halflife-visitors.de

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4 BrownyTheOne

Aug 8th, 2014 1 person agrees 0 people don't

It was promising but horribly executed. It has a great start, with a Blue Shift like intro, but then goes downhill. I didn't even finish the mod, I was stuck and gave up. First of all, they modified the damage meters and functions of both weapons and your own body. Your 9mm Pistol, for example, doesn't fire anymore like it did in Half-Life. In Half-Life you could just press the mouse and it fired without stopping. The secondary attack made it fire in a very fast way. In this stupid mod, you have to press the mouse each time to pop out a shot, very annoying! And there was no secondary attack. Headcrabs can kill you with one bit when you are low on health and Kevlar Vests and Medkits are quite rare. And it constantly threw Alien Slaves in front of you, yeah. Instead of HEV Suits, Batteries and HEV Chargers you can now pick up Kevlar Vests, oh and did I mention that they are very rare? There are lots, lots of damn CRATES, they are hard to break (a dozen Crowbar wacks will smash them apart...) and they don't even have supplies in them. It also has some VERY ugly Scientists models. And frustrating puzzles. The second puzzle with the stupid blocked gate near a badly done Scientist model was so hard I just gave up and removed this mod. Don't download.

GoodGamePlayer says
4 GoodGamePlayer

Dec 28th, 2011 0 people agree 3 people don't

too hard and too many 'electric monsers'

Xylemon says
4 Xylemon

Jul 7th, 2008

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