Half-Life: Uplink Extended is basically a remake of the original Uplink, aka the demo version of Half-Life. It features a higher LOD, new gamecode and the actually Gargantua battle. Even though i've released the mod, i plan to add a couple more levels to "extend" the mod in the future, hence the "To be continued" message at the end...

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Decent job coming from another TWHLer (The Whole Half-Life) known as Muzzleflash / The Mighty Atom. It's quite a lot of fun as he had corrected many of the weird quirks with the original demo as well as adding on some interesting new architecture plus extending the original demo with some new gameplay. The only thing that brings this mod down is the rather buggy programming with this because things seem to act up quite often in this mod, sometimes even ending with a game crash.

All in all, an eight.



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Before I knew Half-Life, I knew Day One and Uplink.. The two demos of Half-Life.. I played the Hell out of those two demos in anticipation of the GOTY version of Half-Life.

Uplink contained some unique ideas such as scripted executions, Powerful Turrets and the ability to hide in the shadows.

This mod brings back those good old days by makiing Uplink look more modern in this mod.. It also gives an extended battle with the Garg and a possible reference to another Half-Life product:Further Data.


I played it: It has lags, incoherences, and the end is botched.
However the mapping is good.
That's why I gave it a 6/10.

Quite nice extension of the original Uplink. The ending could be better (especially if didn't have the bugs).

This is a pretty good mod. You now can play the epic boss fight with Gargantua which is cut from the original demo. The extended level is pretty good too. If Valve extended the demo, this is pretty much what it'd looks like. But, the mod is not perfect. It's still have a few minor bugs and didn't really extend the demo that much. It would be nice if this mod gets updated and extended into a much longer campaign. And when that day comes, I'll give this mod a perfect score. But until that, I'm gonna give this mod an 8.


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Half Life Uplink, along with Quake 1 and 2, were the very first fps i played (then about 2 years later i played the full Half Life game)

This is an amazing remake, adding some cool new stuff to the episode, it's really worth trying. Brings me back to the old memories... :)

A great way to extend a classic and an excellent job from top to bottom.

Play this if you want a true blast from the past :D

Recreating a classic Half-Life demo deserves a rating no lower than 10/10. It brought the same experience I'd had years ago! I did not like the ending of the original Uplink, but I enjoyed this extended version. It was an amazing idea to create this!

this mod completely satisfied my needs cous i playd the plain uplink but this. this is ewerything i love this extended for the win:DDDDDDDD

seeing that i played the original uplink more than 100 times before getting
half life this is fresh idea for uplink

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