Half-Life the FPS that won over 50 "Game of the Year" awards is now polished with many new effects like simple shadows, bloom, particles, HD textures, and new models will bring back the fun of this great game from 1998.

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LeonelC says

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Nice mod, I really like the idea of full use of detail textures system, and the addition of the HL:Rebirth Engine.

Good things:

Totally new engine, featuring realistic movements & pain reception (such as ringing ears), adjustable bloom, advanced particle system, shadows, enhanced simple physics, and a totally balanced arsenal wich incudes a new weapon.

Bad things (yes, there's bad things):

Sometimes the bloom is too much bright to the player's eye, causing the user quit it, and... without the bloom we can appreciate some errors.
The realistic movements can annoy some people, making them quit the effect, but that's the bad thing, this feature cannot be disable trought the console and the options menu.
There's A LOT of bugs, on the ladders, scientist, save archives, Islave, and the has not end.

Overall review:

Ambience (models-sprites-sounds): Most of the models are from the Sven Coop Team, but I'll not complaing about this, they are a very good rated models set. The reskin of the arms are very detailed and they suprides me, they aim a lot to Black mesa source (If you see some images).

This mod is totally recommended for people who is newbie in Half-Life and for people who likes more graphics than gameplay (A.K.A GraphicWhores) It's a good mod, and a very nice try of enhance Half life gameplay, but half life is half life DUDE!!


RockmanYoshi says

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It looks good and it was fun! However I did encounter bugs and crashes. The only thing that wasn't really changed was the tram sequence. For that, I'll give it a 9/10.

Yeah one of the best hl mod pushing it further graphic wise.
Addional weapons from Op4 is a good bonus.
The bobbing realistic view really annoys me though it can't be turn off via the option menu so I've been spending time to turn it off via config.cfg but no luck so far.

Version 2 was the best.

Great mod, would have given it a 10/10, had it not been for some bugs.

One bug in particular, was at the level 'Power Up', where the gate would not open, so I was stuck, unable to kill the gargantua.

Other than that (and not being able to even witness the Xen levels), awesome mod. It's definitely worth the time to download and play.

Very nice mod but the thing is why is the crosshair is from HL2 (not that I am hating)

Is a pretty good improvement, but the hd textures dont replace all of the normal ones , and for me the version 2.5 had better textures and details than the v 3
This still a great mod though
If you can re create the maps and ad hl2 styled ragdoll physics , i'll give a 10

Done by a hypocritical idiot who goes around moddb, spamming and saying stupid ****. The mod itself is okay at best.

Just awsome. No words can describe the awsomeness . It may be not
be like Black Mesa source But its close.Did i mention the npcs have
pysics even thou the mod is no Source .

Amazing Redux! One of the greatest I have ever seen (and im not just talking about Half Life in general.) A couple of miner bugs but the overall quality and look (not to mention feel) is amazing!

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