Prequel for Half-Life. Mod allows to look and take part at the events before the Half-Life. You assume the role of Dr. Gordon Freeman. You will meet Kleiner, Vance, Barney, Rosenberg and others characters.

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Cool. A few bugs but so far, awesome mod. Russians are cool!

Nice mod. Kinda short and no action but it works :)


Induction - the unofficial prequel to Half-Life. I have to say that this mod, even though it only had English SUBTITLES, was really nicely done. If you like Black Mesa mods, you need to play this. The mapping was pretty good, too! Nice that they put the source files up for use. It's a fun run through, but keep in mind that there is no combat or anything like that. Keep up the fantastic work!


short but fun and well made

Достаточно интересно вышло.

I agree with perlateo:

- The running scientist. Maybe some players would find it boring, if the scientist would just walk slow like in the original intro, but i personally like it more realistic
- The Russian language. I know Russian but, scientists and Barney Calhoun talking in Russian destroys the atmosphere totally. Whole Black Mesa looks so typical American, that scientist speaking Russian seem to be from another planet.
- The translation is done very poorly. For example, after your registration you get into a train and the scientist tells you after arriving "We came". Correct would be "We arrived". "We Came" would mean, well, that they just have had sex with each other ;)

Also there are some storyline errors, for example: Rosenberg and Freeman never met each other.
In the Test labs you added a door which doesn't exist in the original game.

I wanted to meet with Alyx Vance (while she was a child) and Azian Vance (Eli's wife) :(

Generally I enjoyed this mod. 8/10


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