Half-Life: Dreamcast is a PC port of the unreleased Sega Dreamcast console version of Half-Life.

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i always wondered what the dreamcast version of half life would look like

Nice mod

The "Dreamcast" port of Half-Life featured a lot of stuff (textures, graphics, etc.) not found on the other ports. And it was almost lost in obscurity if not for this port.

Though it might not be perfect, a few flaws here and there; nothing a few patches cannot solve. :-)

Very much appreciate you working on this one and I hope you continue to improve on it.




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Half-Life was released on several platforms during it's life time:It was originally on the PC but later came to Mac and Playstation 2. Also there was an Dreamcast port underway with an early form of Blue shift known as Guard Duty and a "HD Pack"

Sadly, This was not to be and the port later saw interest after being leaked but this mod:Recreating the dreamcast port feels like the actual thing.

The Difference between Valve's hyped HD pack and the Dreamcast Pack was to a whim:Models looked much different then on pc and it also was the basis for the Playstation 2 HD pack.

Some of the maps and levels had been reworked to resemble what they looked like in the Dreamcast version (from either advertisements or screenshots)



Well the mode is well done. The ported models and maps were never to be seen. I like it. In some cases it feel even better than the default HL.

It was nice to relive the good ol' HL1 experience through a version that was never actually released. Awesome mod overall and I enjoyed every bit of it.


Old good gameplay I used to from my favorite console. Play it with fire!

this is a great gift for a HL fan, great job. would be cool if there is a ps2 version too :D

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