STATUS In public beta! Visit website for download. INSTALL NOTES The first time you try to run a game/mod under Half Life 2 Wiimote Mod it will create a sound cache and it might take a bit to load. Theres also a posibility the first run of a game/mod will not be able to communicate to the wiimote, If this happens restart the mod and it should connect fine. DEscriptION Half Life 2 : WiiMote Mod aims to bring the new Wii remote technology to Half Life 2 while also allowing full customization of the wiimote input and offering new gameplay centered arround the Wii Remote! Other goals include: - Bringing the Wiimote Driver to the mod community and offer optional support to many of the multiplayer and single player mods out there today and upcoming on the source engine. - Give Developers and Designers who cannot afford or aquire a official Wii devkit a platform to concept on. - And of course giving a solid gaming experiance to the fans of Half Life 2 and Wii. This mod has its own in-engine...

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MagNet Apr 4 2007 says:

Can't stop loving the scope even if it might be a bit unreal but I can't use it because that damn memory read bug :(

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sbnewsom Dec 27 2007 replied:

Why is it unreal?

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nick12506 Aug 7 2008 buried:


it looks unreal if u never shot a sniper i havnt but i no how to use one if u shot like that u would miss fire & if you were in war u would be died

-9 votes     reply to comment
Jigron Feb 20 2010 replied:


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nickgames23878 Feb 7 2015 replied:

He said- "I'm a ******* who doesn't know english... and I judge things that other people do, even though I never tried those things myself. Because I live in my mother's basement."

Nick12506. You wouldn't miss. The angle you hold your rifle doesn't do anything to where the bullet goes. It depends on how you aim. See, I have a AR-15 5.56mm rifle. And I have it set up, where I have a hunting scope on the top rail, and a red-dot reflex sight mounted on the left rail. I never miss when turning my gun sideways to aim down my reflex sight.

As long as the stock is pressed up to the right or left side of your chest. And you have the sight calibrated. Then you won't miss.

And plus, Nock12506. You probably are dead, because some idiot let you join the Military. And you thought it was Call of Duty. And you tried no-scoping a enemy sniper- (who is using a fifty calibre might I add,) And you where standing out in the open while doing so.

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kobrakommander56 Apr 2 2009 buried:


"it looks unreal if u never shot a sniper i havnt but i no how to use one if u shot like that u would miss fire"

STFU, speak from experience like me, cause i was in Iraq, or was I in Iraq, IDK, BUT I'VE SEEN ALL THE RIFLEZ IN THE WORLD

******* noob

"if you were in war u would be died"


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Black_Havoc Apr 20 2009 replied:

Oh dear. You have never been in Iraq...
And you probably have never seen a real rifle.
I don't know what "ALL THE RIFLEZ IN THE WORLD" of your BB-gun collection qualities are but.. who cares...

If you would look into a scope from that range you would only see a tiny dot. Besides... its a crossbow, not a rifle.

Go back to play in your sandbox kid...

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Uber_eXe Dec 2 2012 replied:


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redkaos Jul 7 2009 says:

Nice one black havoc and for you kobrak you just got roasted like eva

+5 votes     reply to comment
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Apr 1st, 2007
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