Alyx and Gordon head off for a subterrainien adventure to hunt down a suspected Combine Advisor lying hibernation in a local mine complex.

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rcminor says

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Excellent,excellent, exciting game! Loved every minute of it. Very high quality, could be a missing chapter from the original. Got a bit discouraged at only one point, the underground "beach" with the wooden walkway going over the dunes and the two hunters up top! Then, when I finally knocked them both off, and was down to about 5 life points, I heard the goons coming in from the other end and almost cried! Took a few times and getting my strategy just right to finish that sequence. HINT/SPOILER -- as soon as you've killed both hunters, run for the far end where a tunnel will open up and let in 3 or 4 Combine goons. Save an RPG or rocket and launch it as soon as the tunnel opens and you should take them all out with one shot.

Also a very nice ending as we get to kill one of those slimy slugs of an Advisor! I think I saw you've got another game out now, hope to play it soon.


It is pretty good as a whole- but I encountered some pretty bad bugs that left me stuck.

I just finished this and I have to say that it was very well put together, nice work. :D The only problems I noticed was that a good amount of sounds were all muted for some strange reason, like the Hunter and Charger (EP2 vehicle) were totally silent past the first map, dunno why though but it's true, just odd... :/ But other than that it was very well put together and I look forward to the next part, definitely tracking this mod for future updates. ^^

Kinda like an "Episode 3" (one mission : kill da ******' Advisor!!) in HL2 Ep2 map's, with a gameplay twisting all your favorite figures of the HL2verse (Mines, Antlions, Zombies, Combine, Magnusson Bombs, Sniper... everyone is here!!!) with really nice Muscle Car sequences...
Really, really great. And the map' are so beautiful.


One of the best (and longest) mods I have played. The visuals were astonishing, gameplay felt almost like episode three. Too bad it ended that soon, I expected some kind of grand finale. There were some issues like missing ladder part from the floor in the tunnels but I noclipped after that, else spotted no issues. Only in some parts it was unclear where to go so I had to see a walkthrough. Other than that, great mod. I recommend it to everyone and look forward to when the adventure continues (soon) :)

Good mod!

i Like this mod nice job! :D


Bloody excelent mod cant wait for more, superb levels and progression.

Ok, this mod wasn't perfect. I suppose the dialogue was ok, the puzzles were ok, and the mapping was ok. Some parts like the wide open rooms still remind me of my own mapping lol. Other parts were a lot better.

But it was good enough to keep me immersed enough and have fun.

What's with all the crates lying around anyway, even in random places in the mines?

Alyx didn't come to the final map so I don't really know what happens after I kill the advisor. I'm sure it's good though.

But despite all of the problems, some of them probably related to steampipe and not your fault, who doesn't like to smash through zombies with a car? That earned my respect.

You get an 8 from me.

Very good scenario design, fun gameplay, no problematic bugs found (for now), gravity weapon, good to see Alyx and Gordon again, ┬┐what more I could ask? :D

(sorry for my bad english)

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