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Graphics : U3 shaders 2.1
Winter: Winter Mod 1.0
Detail : Absolute Structures SoC
Textures: Loads Of Custom Textures
Weapons : About 50 new Weapons
Suits : 6 New
Food N Drinks : 5 New
And Some Other Interesting Things.....



Size : 1,95 GBs
Last Edit : Today



Oblivion Lost 2.2 Mod by Kanyhalos
Weather Overhauled For OL 2.2
Rebalanced Mod 1.5 Item, Weapon, Texture and sound content

Absolute Structures SoC
Artifact Activation Mod for OL 2.2
U3shaders 2.1

Stalker Clear Sky Sidorovich model for SHOC
Ladatek Stalker MainMenu Music
Winter Mod / Cold Zone Mod Textures
Akame's Sound Mod 1.1
Gosuke Weapons...Arsenal, AMK

Developed to you by True Zone©

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List of Beta Testers now closed

I posted this new article and asked everybody out there, with some spare time,
a good gaming machine, and the skills to script crashes out of the mod data,
to volunteer for the DEVELOPMENT of Misery:


Thanks to all who applied

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lol3r_86 Jul 12 2011 says:

Your mod is getting more intersting with each upadate... And i see you lowred hdr/bloom as i suggested also you increased brightness and its much easier to see those eye candy graphics

As for choosing winter season i have my doubts... But utill i play it i won't say anything bad about this. Hell, i got fed up of all those Autnum mods and winter actually seems to be intsrseting.

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lol3r_86 Jul 12 2011 replied:

Sorry for DP but i just have to ask this does this mod edit files in "bin" folder or includes any batch files (Rebalanced was pai in the *** wit its "slaker keys" utility setting antirad injections under sprint button "X"). If so then sorry i'll pass.

I love new marked ones icon... Finally a living stalker in the zone ;)

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[TZP]SeeZ0 Creator
[TZP]SeeZ0 Jul 12 2011 replied:

No, no bin files edited.
Just gamedata folder and user.ltx
And about the graphics, Iam using vanilla graphics right now.
Bucause LoNer1s config is buggy.


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Borovos Jul 10 2011 says:

Sorry for double post:

If you want a french translation, don't hesitate to send me a mail (i see you add new quest).
I know some people to make it in stalkerfrance community, or maybe i will make it if i have the time.

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[TZP]SeeZ0 Creator
[TZP]SeeZ0 Jul 11 2011 replied:

Nah, in my mod are looooots of new quest, dialogs etc.
So it would take long time to translate it....

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Borovos Jul 10 2011 says:

Hello SeeZ,

I have a stupid question, sorry:
Have you an idea about release date? Not exactly, only a global idea, 3 months, 6, one year or more?

I'm waiting to play with it.

And please, can you take a screen about your weapon and outfit, as your I'm curious to see all the winter equipement!

Do you will add blowout in this mod?

Good luck


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[TZP]SeeZ0 Creator
[TZP]SeeZ0 Jul 10 2011 replied:

the relase date is just TBD, I dunno, maybe 2 months, maybe 3?
But I know that it would be somewhere around these 2 months.
Screenshot of ui_icon_equiepement? Hah! Why would you need that, you need something more than mod statictics in mod description?
"Do you will add blowout in this mod?" - THIS is an stupid question, you can't see the newest images in gallery? + now VIDEO! YES, VIDEO! >.>

And thanks for wishing me luck >.>


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Borovos Jul 10 2011 replied:

Thk for all answer.

Okay, two or three month. Very good! It will be soon!

About ui_icon_equipement, i would like to see all weapon, if they are customize etc. I'm only curious. For me, it's a global view of mod contain.
And i don't like mod with too many item, as NS DMX.
I prefer simplicity and consistency with the environment.
And if i refer me to your mod description, you tell "And Some Other Interesting Things........." ;-)

Sorry, for blowout screenshot. I'm so stupid, it's true, i saw it!
Thk for the new video!

But, we don't see if after blowout some npc will dye or zombified? Or if mutant spawn?

Maybe you know that in OGSE npc run to shelders before the blowout.
It's very immersive.
I don't now if it's difficult to found the script or logic for that and if it's possible to merge it with your mod.
It's only a suggestion.

Thk you again

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[TZP]SeeZ0 Creator
[TZP]SeeZ0 Jul 11 2011 replied:

I cant simply drag a script from mod, its much harder, and I dont know how much files the blowout neeeds, its not only one script.
After blowout will respawn artifacts, but its possible to set to make respawning mutants after blowout.And about the ui_icon_equiepement, its still in reconstruction, for example yesterday Ive added shotgun, it can be buyed from barman and Dutyers will use it.


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[TZP]SeeZ0 Creator
[TZP]SeeZ0 Jun 30 2011 says:

Please ignore the still changeing graphics....still havent done the user.ltx

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[TZP]SeeZ0 Creator
[TZP]SeeZ0 Jun 20 2011 says:

LoL, visits: 16,666 :P

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platoon1993 Jun 26 2011 replied:

its a great mod but i don't have good pc to play this game with full graphics, what a shame...

i hope you reduced light of snow because its look terrible (thats why i don't use snow textures)
also add new things to play, i mean if you add new maps(yeah i know its hard... but it can be great progress) new faction, a little new story, new more weapons and stuff... it can be great if you do some of them
its not good if you put mods together only, you need make difference (I'm sure you know whati mean)

and its not possible to reduce files size? (2gb you say)

good luck, will try it when time come

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[TZP]SeeZ0 Creator
[TZP]SeeZ0 Jun 27 2011 replied:

you dont need to play on maximum, this mod doesnt add shaders, but it has custom user.ltx and settings that you dont like you can simply change in "Options"

Make the file size smaller isnt possible, because 2,15 is without HD textures...

Change story and add maps, maaaan...just no, but ofcourse will be
added new dialogs and side quests.

Reduce the light of snow? More?
I dont know if is that even possible, but I will do whatever I can.

And thanks for the nice words >.<


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[TZP]SeeZ0 Creator
[TZP]SeeZ0 Jun 27 2011 replied:

Now its 1,31 GBs (without SWO 3.1)

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platoon1993 Jun 27 2011 replied:

its good to someone alive and making mods for stalker games... resurrect stalker zone! :)

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[TZP]SeeZ0 Creator
[TZP]SeeZ0 Jun 27 2011 replied:

See update image

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