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This Mod is Aiming to Add to The Game Winter,Improve Realism,Add More Weapons and Equiepment + More Interesting things.. This will Make you play STALKER again...Can you survive Winter !?

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Sep 7 2012 Anchor


Sep 12 2012 Anchor

Hello seeZO, hello fellow Stalkers,
this mod(G.W.D.T.beta) is exellent! The atmosphere is so dense and the variety of impressions kept me playing!

After Lab X-18 and taking Military Documents in Cordon I get to Bar-Level again. There is an ambush with Mercs going on. Right there it crashes with the following error message:

[error]Expression : fatal error
[error]Function : CInifile::r_section
[error]File : E:\stalker\sources\trunk\xrCore\Xr_ini.cpp
[error]Line : 342
[error]Description :
[error]Arguments : Can't open section 'af_tourniquet'

got patch 1.0005 installed. Thanks for a soon reply...greetings!

Sep 15 2012 Anchor

Hi and thanks for the report! This bug will shure be fixed in the upcoming patch!

Bug fixed, download the last fix!

Feb 26 2013 Anchor


Other forums are locked, so I will post the bug here.
Seems like 1st and 2nd nightvision visuals are still missing. I installed the latest fix and user.ltx file that came with it. I may suspect what could be the problem, but I dont know for sure. When I tried to fix this problem myself, I tried to get new NV visuals and then configure each suit accordingly. If new patch included fixes for NV problem, then its my fault, since suit configs are messed up. I dont know for sure, yet, because its been a long time ago and I dont recall what I did specifically. Ill try to mess around more, use backup stuff, that I made. Anyway, would be nice to have proper suit configuration files, just in case.

Feb 26 2013 Anchor

Ive fixed the night vision for sure, dont get whats the problem. Well, please list me the suits that the effect doesnt work on, because its working on Frosty Suit (2nd gen. NV).

Feb 26 2013 Anchor

It doesnt work on universal protection, the duty suit, which was given as a reward.

Feb 26 2013 Anchor

OH and btw, the TMP bug isnt fixed by the Patch 1, Iam gonna do a quick fix, including the fix for the NightVision (If Ill find a solution).

Feb 28 2013 Anchor

FATAL ERROR [error]Expression : res!=-1[error]Function : get_rank[error]File : E:\stalker\sources\trunk\xr_3da\xrGame\ui\Restrictions.cpp[error]Line : 34[error]Description : cannot find rank for[error]Arguments : wpn_tec9

One more weapon not added to mp_ranks

Mar 3 2013 Anchor

Drago0, all this is already fixed, but the fix isnt released yet. Those weapons werent even added to the game before, but it left in the files somehow. So just be patient until I upload it.

Mar 3 2013 Anchor

I thought I post all logs of CTD's, which I encounter. That was the only one so far. From now on, I'll ignore errors like this.

Mar 3 2013 Anchor

Upload any errors that dont include weapons "tec9", "vector v", "tmp", "mp7", "ots33" and the mac10. Those were already fixed. Cheers :)

Apr 29 2013 Anchor

Hy ! The game always quits when I speak with someone who can give quests (Nimble, Wolf). :(
Sorry for my bad english :)

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