Gunslinger's Academy is a Jedi Academy total conversion which aims to bring gun combat to Jedi Academy Multiplayer. Features include new weapons, achievements, killstreak rewards, a new combat system, several new maps, and multiple new gametypes.

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The modern warfare mod for Jedi Academy receives a new patch!

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It's here! Gunslinger's Academy 2.4.3 took a while to get out, but now we have released it for Windows. Here are some changes over the previous version, 2.4.2:
New Features
- Added Hud Skin system, with 5 hud skins.
- Added a new killstreak reward (Missile Strike)
- Added multi-kills.
- Added Barebones mode. Barebones eliminates all killstreak rewards and multi-kills.
- Added Barn to the Create-A-Server menu. As this map supports VIP Escort, VIP Escort is now added to the Create-a-Server
- Added Bloom
- Added Radial Blur
- Added Vignette
- Stuff such as "Double Kill!", "Revenge!" etc will appear when you kill an enemy, under the crosshair.
- Added per-gun weapon bobbing
- Added per-gun idle sway
- Added some more weapon swap icons
- Added a cheat cvar to display stamina (cgd_drawStaminaBar)
- cg_drawTimer cvar now also draws your local (computer) time in the upper right hand corner
- Added 7 new Feats of Valor
- Tips are displayed on the loading screen
- Added new swap icons
- Trainyard now has support for variable materials

Bug Fixes
- Fixed grenade indicator's buggy positioning and angling. They should now be 100% accurate.
- In CO-OP mode, you can pick up weapons (as long as you have < 2 primary/sidearms)
- The Magnum, M16, M249 SAW, Sawed-Off Shotgun, M1014 and all other Auxiliary Weapons (those with classname "weapon_aux1-13" now fire from the face properly when firing down the sights or when scoped.
- NPCs no longer shoot at dead enemies (including players >_> )
- The Micro Uzi is now positioned properly while in ADS
- The P90 is now positioned properly while in ADS
- Assists no longer appear on targets you've killed
- Fixed a crash caused by flashbangs
- Fixed a crash caused by playing back demos
- You can no longer use Iron Sights and Sprinting at the same time
- Removed Sleight of Hand achievement
- Bots now reload correctly.
- Bots now use auxiliary weapons (WP_GLOCK onwards) properly.
- Bots now use the AK-104 and the M249 SAW properly (a fix over baseJA's horrible Concussion rifle mess)
- SIEGE NOW WORKS (confirmed 3/16/12)
- Fixed a bug which caused C4 to lie on its side (and rarely, shake when placed on patches)
- Fixed a bug which caused M249 SAW bullets to look and act like Concussion Rifle rounds
- Fixed a bug where Trainyard had no Steyr TMP on it.
- C4 now displays its proper model at all times.

- Added rolling for most guns
- Rolling now drains stamina (250 iirc)
- Jumping now drains stamina in addition to force...Ninja's jump height doesn't change regardless of stamina and their stamina doesn't drain when they jump. It drains stamina based on how high you jump afaik (30 for each ms of air time)
- Jump height is now based on stamina to some degree
- Rolling now requires 250 stamina
- The M98C, RPG, M14 EBR and the M249 SAW do not allow you to roll.
- Most sidearms (except the TASER) and the Sawed-Off Shotgun allow you to shoot and roll at the same time
- Redid Trainyard and Shipment's killstreak progression - You now get a Recon Team at 3, Portable Gatling Gun at 4, Missile Strike at 5 and Sentry Gun at 7



one tink i don't like wen you only hold the weapons whit one hand

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Gah... This is how you should have typed it "One thing I don't like is when you can only hold weapons with one hand".

Just because it's the internet doesn't mean you shouldn't be clean and clear in your writing.

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Or perhaps English isn't his first language.

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Heh, technically you're holding them with no hands, with your mind >:D soon enough we'll have some proper hands holding weapons. Until then you can pretend you're playing goldeneye or something :d

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they are not holding weapon at all!!! they are using the force to summon those weapons of god!!!!!!!

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