My main goal is to place all 3 GTA Game maps onto 1 single map and I have almost reached this goal with the help of those contributing towards this mod's progress. We are now in the final stages of adding San Andreas alongside Mainland Liberty, Liberty City and Vice City.


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We admire your ability to have patience with us while we juggled our life issues over the past few months. Although we understand that people might have lost interest along the way, or might have given up hope that we would ever complete the project, we can now safely guarantee that opening up the team to applications is a fundamental first step to get this project back on track. Over the past couple weeks, particularly, we have worked hard to complete our development of the application and the development websites, maximizing the functionality available to you as a team member. We will not reveal this functionality to you, for if accepted, you will have a first-hand look. Being a member of the team is nothing short of spectacular. We have always intended to open up the team at some point; however, it was delayed due to complications.

By having more members on the team, the project will finally be operating at a faster pace, allowing us to release more videos quicker, to disclose updates on a regular basis opposed to a few per month, and most importantly, to make the development of the builds and maps more progressive, and more stable quicker. The team is, thus, a community effort, which requires “strength in numbers” to most efficiently produce as close to a perfect product as we can get.

So, at this point, you must be wondering what our current goals, as a project, are. Most recently, we have made it our best effort to completely refine our code and maps. Over the past couple of weeks, the internal core for our builds has started the journey of being completely revamped. Additionally, we have ceased the addition of new areas to the map, in favor of refining and repairing bugs that have existed since the beginning of the merge, up to the present. Obviously, you can expect that much has changed since the merge, as it has. The map has grown tremendously more complex in size and in detail (illustrated by various screenshots and the radar images), and the core for the multi-player and the additional game features have improved (indicated by the development videos and the disclosure of swimming).

By applying to the team, every member is encouraged to help us thoroughly test the current map and multi-player builds for bugs. As with every project out there, the debugging process is the most intrusive and time-consuming. Having a large team to distribute the debugging process will make the project as a whole more stable, which is the goal of all software. After all, who would want to play SOL-O if it constantly crashed, as in the past with GTA:SOL 51.9 and VC-O?

Most importantly, being a part of the team will allow you to be at a “one-on-one” level with the development progress, opposed to waiting for weekly updates. Of course with everything, there is a catch. To guarantee the best chance of being accepted on the team, you must make your application “shine.” What does this mean? We are looking for dedicated and experienced members, opposed to those “off the street.” Make yourself unique and important when you apply. To guarantee success, we need successful members. It’s that simple.

Another question you might have is how many members we are planning to recruit on the team. Well, our answer is that we don’t really have an exact answer. The amount of initial members that we are looking for is 15-20 people, who will ideally be dedicated to beta testing and quality assurance. This number will be adjusted as necessary. Keep in mind that we look at applications in the order that we receive them.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to become a member of this project? Details outlining the application can be found at:

The details regarding the application process itself are also outlined on that page. We are ready to have you join us. Good luck![/SIZE]

GTA SOL 52.0

GTA SOL 52.0

5 years ago News 4 comments

News Update (Jan 13th, 2010) this project is almost 5 years old! Looking at the state of things and the lack of interest from others, I am thinking about...

GTASOL 51.0 Stable released.

GTASOL 51.0 Stable released.

7 years ago News 7 comments

This version has been rebuilt from the ground up, and will be a massive improvement other the other releases in stability and playability.

GTASOL 48.19 (RC1) released.

GTASOL 48.19 (RC1) released.

8 years ago News 0 comments

GTASOL RC1. The release date for this mod has been set back because of some issues getting everything together; I will keep all of you informed as to...

GTASOL Beta (Strong As Bull)

GTASOL Beta (Strong As Bull)

1 year ago Full Version 7 comments

GTA State of Liberty is a collection of cities from GTAIII, VC and SA remodeled in the style R might have created them including LCS, VCS and Beta maps...

GTA: State of Liberty ©2010 (GTA-SOL51.9)

GTA: State of Liberty ©2010 (GTA-SOL51.9)

6 years ago Full Version 38 comments

GTA State of Liberty is a collection of cities from GTAIII, VC and SA. Bring all the GTA islands onto one stable map that has been every GTA players dream...

GTA: State Of Liberty Beta 46.0 Stable

GTA: State Of Liberty Beta 46.0 Stable

8 years ago Full Version 31 comments

I've dropped version 48.9a has I found problems with the exe, however there doesn't seem to be a problem with the dff(s) anymore, I have uploaded...

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andy80586 Sep 18 2007 says:

except hacking the ped limit is not really a priority and gives a potential new source of bugs to have to deal with, which is not something we really need right now given the instability of 48.10. Coding an algorithm for the water hack is going to be hard enough (and given current courseload probably delayed to 49.1).

What I really need is a way to hack the structure of the paths for 4-bit ID and increasing the limit above 32,767, then comprehensive testing of draw distances and methods for hacking them, but I don't think you are going to have the patience for that given how hard I know it is and the fact you are starting from scratch. Yes, everyone starts from scratch; I started from scratch in July 2004 and it took until November of that year to complete my first hack.

Basically there are 3-4 miracles that will get anyone here automatic admin/credit/team placement:

1a. Sending me a .c and .h file that I can compile and test and it results in the paths IPLs generating cars on all the roads on all the islands.

1b. Making paths for significant unfinished portions of the map (i.e. SA). Half of these things aren't even there to begin with. This can be done either from scratch or by reading the SA path format and moving them over somehow.

2. Racing against Keith solving draw distance or other rendering bugs and winning (you have about a week to a month). And if you make the game stable on your computer, my computer, and Keith's computer, you win no matter what since I doubt the next release will fix everything.

3. Moving all of this to SA. You will run into problems after the first 5 objects, and if you get past that, after 9 or so more. Also there are boundary issues in SA to hack so you will have your hands full.

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lou19 Sep 1 2007 says:

well if u want i can give u san andreas peds for vc if you want i can edit them a little.

+1 vote     reply to comment
andy80586 Aug 29 2007 says:

Converting to SA is on the table, but the goal is to stabilize it on VC with paths and water first. The water is almost finished and will probably find its way into 49.0. Paths are going to be somewhat tricky because we will need to convert 16-bit stuff into 32 which takes a large amount of hacking and therefore time.

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lou19 Aug 28 2007 says:

cool i am really impressed i had the question what would it be if their was the citys aall together vice city is getting old so i suggest u use san andreas for the proccess with sa's atmesphere it would be cool climbing over fences. swimming etc. .cuases the peds have more personality and have gfs, enable hot coffe. put peds and homes in lc and vc.please accept my idea.

idea supervisor of fab group modding awards.

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silentrambo Jun 25 2007 says:

Ive been watching this mod for a while and i have to just comment on what a good job the SOL team is doing. This mod has been achieving what i have always wanted Rockstar to achieve. Keep up the good work and i look forward to playing and enjoying a spectacle for mods.

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andy80586 Jun 25 2007 says:

@CKYRules - Sorry to be kinda blunt about this, but here:

Step 1: go to the address bar, type "", then hit enter
Step 2: on the new page, in the box above where it says "Google Search" type in "rar" then hit enter
Step 3: click the first link that shows up on the new page
Step 4: click "Downloads" on the left side of the new page
Step 5: click the first file, "WinRAR 3.70", then click "Save File"
Step 6: minimize everything
Step 7: double-click the new file on the desktop
Step 8: commit the last 7 steps to memory so you can avoid asking noob questions and looking like a ******* and/or troll

Seriously, if you got to this page, you should know how to use Google to search for things. Jesus Christ...

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CKYRules Jun 24 2007 says:

How do you install this mod. Every time i download it its a rar file. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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danlovesbttfmost May 6 2007 says:

yeh it be cool if i could know the same thing as "curiosity killed the cat", as i too would love to fly a delorean around another city..???

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Mc-Kay Creator
Mc-Kay May 3 2007 says:

There is a new look site and forum for this mod.

We also plan on using the bttf mod as part of the SOL storyline.

Here you will beable to give fall feedback and suggestions on what you what to see in the next release.

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ItaniX23 May 2 2007 says:

@andy80586 thanks thanks thanks

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