GTA LVS - Liberty, Vice, San andreas. This all in 1 mod, includes the liberty city map from GTA3, the Vice city map from GTA Vice city and the san andreas map from GTA San andreas. All 3 maps running along side eachother in the GTA San andreas game engine. Can you imagen flying from Las venturas internatinal Airport, across to liberty city airport, then into Vice city? LVS will make this posible! Visit the Vercetti Estate in Vice city, then graba chopper and fly yourself our to liberty city, hop on a BMX and pedal your way down to shorside vale. This all sound crazy? think again, wit hthe highly skilled team of modders in the LVS team, thay are hard at work, convertign all the GTA3 and Vice city map files into San andreas format. Along with al lthe textures beign converted into higher resolution format, to allow the best visual game play of Vice and Liberty Citys. More Info about the mod will be released as the mod progresses.


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The next devshot is released for more info, pics, and of course the mod :P -Mike

New GTA:LVS Screenshots

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Here are 5 screenshots for you: Enjoy! -Mike, GTA:LVS Leader

New LVS release

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you can expect an LVS release in the next days, you can get it on the site when it will be out, keep your eyes pelled! -Mike

New screenshots

10 years ago News 1 comment

we can't post the pics here, but it's on the site, -Mike

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
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