You have been sent alone, to a warm desert planet for a commando mission of high risk. Your goal, as an elite soldier, is to infiltrate the abandoned human complex to perform vital maintenance tasks and to recover precious scientific research facility data. From the warm desert to the depths of the complex, you will blow up everything that blocks your way, like doors or walls, but mostly aliens. You will then be extracted from the planet by a space ship !

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The mod is laggy, buggy, and the puzzles seemed so hard that I had to noclip, god, and notarget throughout the game. This may just be the first version so I might not be in a position to judge it that well.

But the level design was beautiful. So 10/10 for the graphics and design.

This is a decent half-life 2 mod but I think there are a lot of ant lions to kill and this can be a bit difficult in some moment.



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The mod was overall good, but a little polishing would really help this mod. I'd say it's worth a try.

The maps (mainly the outdoor ones) suffer a few minor glitches, such as clipping textures, floating objects, visible leaks, and running across the sandstone sounded like glass, as well as "Jesus-corners" (areas on the map where enemies either cannot reach or attack the player, although I don't know if it's intentional or not). Overall, the map did seem well-optimized and fairly detailed though.

I'm assuming this takes place on a different planet, but the lesser gravity and minor lack of friction is a minor annoyance, especially when the player is being rebounded from antlion to antlion. Lack of medi-packs was more of an annoyance than a challege, especially considering how quickly the player would get swarmed and trapped.

The lack of a reticle was also a little frustrating, considering there is no-way to aim (at least add iron-sights!), but I liked the view-bob and the option to disable it- I'm sure some people can appreciate that (I used view-bob though). The objectives could really use a voice-over; when your eyes are focused on shooting the enemies, the objectives can be easily over-looked. I also think that adding a feature to review objectives (by pressing 'Tab' for instance) would be appreciated by players.

I played this on the hardest difficulty, so my experiences may not reflect that of other gamers. This mod could benefit from a few minor tweaks and fixes. I liked this mod, but feel that it would be unfair to give it a higher rating than a '7' for the minor lack of polish. Give this mod a try.

This game was interesting, but a bit monotonous)
Good work, anyway! thanks!

its Definitely a fun little mod.
Fun Game play but not a real story, which isnt a big deal because its such a small little game.
I still had a blast playing through it, although if you're looking for a story, not gonna find it here.

Hey btw is there a multiplayer version of this? because playing this with a couple of mates would be a grand time.

Fun for a bit. The use of Antlions is confusing; it is unclear at first that the game is not set in the Half-life universe, so when I saw antlions, I automatically assumed "Stay off the sand!" but found out this was not the case. Would probably be better to make changes to the antlion enemy models if the mod is going to use a different setting.
Framerate dips more than it should, I put on mat_wireframe and it looked like there was way more rendering than there should be. Could be better use of visleaf optimization.
Apart from those issues, it is fun to play, and there are some creative sequences.


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