What is this anyway?

Ground Zero is a Half-Life 2 modification that takes place primarily in the ruins of City 17*, now completely wrecked and inhabited only by zombies and antlions. The Combine have little presence here anymore until resistance activity piques their attention. It'll have balanced gameplay made up of challenging puzzles and epic battles in a way so as to appeal to multiple types of players.

What makes this different from other HL2 mods, and why should I care?
Apart from a new storyline and environments, there are a few new enemies implemented or planned, with new characters and so forth to interact with and fight alongside.

Such as?

(Not all will be revealed, dont wanna spoil too much)

1: The C17 Ruins:
Although the initial chapter takes place in the Outlands, Combine pressure pushes player and his companions further into what was once City 17. What few buildings are left standing do so in a state of ruin. Zombies, Antlions and other such things have made their home amongst the ashes, but even they must shy away from the radioactive ruins of the Citadel itself.

2: City 23: This has replaced the Middle East as the location for the events that were going to take place. The rebels here didn't get the message to begin the uprising from City 17 due to radio blackout, so the Combine managed to keep them under control for a deal longer. As such, the city is still burning with debris strewn across the streets by the time the player arrives. There is a strange absence of citizens though.s

When is it coming out?

At this rate, who knows.

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I know that it probably seemed like this mod was dead, but it's not. Hibernating, yes, but it hasn't been forgotten! Moddb tells me that it was last updated around 9 months ago, which is quite a long time. The reasons for the long hiatus were a few things:

Firstly, schoolwork has been sucking up a lot of my time and that takes the top priority. I don't have much free time at all, much less any to spend on Ground Zero. Why? That's the second reason. I've become involved in a number of other projects. Level design for other modifications and games, some mapping competitions, and so on. When I have a responsibility to produce content for others, whether paid or not (I've done both) I tend to prioritize those projects over ones which I don't have a deadline, even a loose one.

That's not to say that I don't care about this, I definitely do, but I have other things to do. It's also not to say that I haven't gotten any work done at all. With all this work I've been doing, my mapping has improved. At least I think so. You be the judge:

City 23 Stuff

City 23 Inner City

City 23 Inner City

City 23 Stuff

City 23 Docks

One Year, Three Days (Plus Urban Ruins!)

One Year, Three Days (Plus Urban Ruins!)

3 years ago News 5 comments

An anniversary and new content, plus development update.

Crashes, Discouragement and so on.

Crashes, Discouragement and so on.

3 years ago News 14 comments

Ground Zero is in a bit of a messy state at the moment, but it hasn't been entirely forgotten.



4 years ago News 4 comments

A lot of things have gone wrong, so development is going slowly. A few new things, though.

Ground Zero reaches 100 Trackers, and Other Cool Things

Ground Zero reaches 100 Trackers, and Other Cool Things

4 years ago News 9 comments

To kind of celebrate this (admittedly small) milestone, I'll show you some new WIP stuff and discuss some features.

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Crypt Mar 9 2012 says:

You're mapping and the lighting especially look really nice. Would you say it's safe to assume the better half of the mod takes place indoors?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Coppermantis Creator
Coppermantis Mar 9 2012 replied:

No, most of it is outdoors. The first chapter, which is what most of the screenshots are of, is all underground though.

+3 votes   reply to comment
overwatchprivate Mar 8 2012 says:

Best of luck to the mod. So far it is looking good and btw the tank is epic.

+2 votes     reply to comment
nadarko Feb 25 2012 says:

i hope for the best for this mod

+2 votes     reply to comment
levan563 Feb 25 2012 says:

You made good mod,you must work on detailed

+2 votes     reply to comment
Coppermantis Creator
Coppermantis Mar 16 2012 replied:

Moddb's comment section is glitched, it looks like the replies to that critic are directed to this compliment. Failure. :/

+2 votes   reply to comment
noob-killer Dec 19 2011 buried:


noob mod, no offense

-6 votes     reply to comment
FestiveLuna Mar 16 2012 replied:

Go kill yourself, stupid troll

+2 votes     reply to comment
OccasionallyZane Feb 25 2012 replied:

Why dont you prove that you can make a better modification on the source engine?

+6 votes     reply to comment
Coppermantis Creator
Coppermantis Dec 25 2011 replied:

I've never understood why people say "No offense" after insulting someone. Is it supposed to make the offensive comment unoffensive? Like "No offense, but you're an idiot" doesn't sound any less offensive than "You're an idiot"

That said, yes, I am a noob when it comes to modding. I've been working with SDK for...two years now? At most. So I'm definitely not anywhere near as good as the mappers for, say, C17: Episode 1, 1187 or most of the good mods out there. I'm working on making it better.

Of course, I don't see how you can call the mod a "noob mod" based off a handful of heavily WIP screenshots (With the exception of a few). A lot of the earlier ones were made up to a year ago and have since been cut or heavily improved. While I respect your opinion, I'd prefer if you'd wait to pass judgement until you actually play the thing.

+2 votes   reply to comment
TheUnbeholden Jan 6 2012 replied:

People say no offense, because they don't mean it as a insult but as a criticism... but its a oxymoron because if they meant it as criticism then they would have given you reasons why its bad. That would be constructive criticism and not just a insult.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Coppermantis Creator
Coppermantis Jan 19 2012 replied:

Yes, yes, constructive criticism is not intended to be offensive so it makes sense. But a basic insult is in no way unoffensive, even if it is true.

+2 votes   reply to comment
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