GRIM AGE: Skirmish - a multiplayer mod for Mount & Blade Warband, based on the universe of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, which allows players to take part in the battles between: The hordes of Chaos (represented by the minions of the Dark Gods of Chaos, Khorne and Nurgle). The armies of the Empire (represented by defenders of Ostland). And the troops of Kislev (in development).

Description of faction's armies:

Ruthless northern warriors who worship the forces of chaos and destruction. The bulk of the troops form the Marauders of Chaos - mid-armored footmen. Elite is considered by Warriors, Knights and Champions of Chaos - heavily armored fighters that make up the backbone of the attacking warbands. There is also the light cavalry units - Raiders of Chaos - take place.

Ostland State Troops are medium-armored soldiers, armed mostly with pikes, halberds, swords, crossbows and muskets. The role of the cavalry perform numerous forces of heavily armored knights.

In the battles Kislev is based on numerous cavalry - Winged Lancers and Ungol Horse Archers. Kislev infantry as mobile and versatile - Kossars are both archers and footmen.

DYNAMIC F.A.Q. Please read this before asking!

You can ask any question if it still not answered in FAQ.

Game Modes:
1. The Siege.
The small imperial town was attacked by warband of Chaos Marauders, which are planning to break barricades and cut out all of its inhabitants. Imperial soldiers have an access to bonus weapons and armor. Respawn of Chaos players is limited, respawn of Imperial players is infinite.

2. Necromancer's Attack.
Players must protect an imperial village from huge waves of the undead, that became stronger every next wave, minor-bosses and the final boss - the necromancer. Defenders have a chance to pick up bonus weapons and ammunition after every attack.

3. Ambush.
A gang of Marauders and Raiders of Chaos assaulting the Imperial troops, which is going through the forest. The main task of Imperials - to support the Imperial Captain survive and bring him to the end of road.

4. Battle.
Common Deathmatch side to side with some bonus weapons and ammunition for killed enemies.

5. Duel.Chance to decide who is better.

And here we go! The first public alpha, some kind of intro. It will introduce player to what the hell happened in Ostland and to some of the core features of the mod. There are new starting scenes for both factions and 2 simple quests for the Empire player with a side character. The main goal of the mod - creation of unique gameplays for both factions, which is reflected in almost every feature.

Rememeber: it's an alpha. Though I tried to polish it as good as I could, the amount of job to be done is till huge. But the alpha itself is pretty much playable (I hope).

IMPORTANT: I recommend you to play with autosaves turned off. Also I'd like to advice usage of the BattleSizer for better battles.

Feature list:

. New starting scenes for both factions.
. Simple title system (3 per faction).
. Population system.
. New renown- and title- based recruitment systems for both factions.
. New "shops arsenal for the Empire and smithy for Chaos.
. Simple class system for characters. For now classes define shops' assortments and boost some characteristics\skills.
. You can die for real - and become a skeleton. Save regularly!
. Improved battle AI. 2 unique tactics for the Empire and one tactic for Chaos.
. Duels. It's either you or your enemy survives!
. Really strong elite troops. Beware of Chaos Warriors!
. Dialogs. New dialogs for neutrals, some re-done dialogs for lords. WIP.
. You can raze villages to the ground! (So do lords).
. New interface Vanok.
. Some new scenes by Vojd.
. New music by Theretor.
. New city icon by kraggrim.
. Arts by Saadi.
. And lots of tiny stuff.

Download link:


Furok - lots of HQ contens and several years of being the head developer of the GA.
Vanok - new interface.
Kotofey - Witch Hunter outfit.
Vojd - scenes.
Mandible - imperial buildings models.
Partizan - Sigmarite-Novice hammer.
Adorno - Adorno Fantasy Buildings Pack.
Wilhelm - Ultimate 17th Century pack.
DOMA_ - Warband Cinematic Compilation.
Saadi - arts.
Theretor - music.
kraggrim - city icon.

Please, PM me if I forgot somebody. Hope I didn't.

Development diaries

Development diaries

6 months ago News 8 comments

Hello everyone! As long as I can't show new models too often, I've decided to start some kind of development diaries, where you'd be able to see development...

Grim Age: Ostland Campaign

Grim Age: Ostland Campaign

8 months ago News 11 comments

Grim Age: Ostland Campaign: a singleplayer mod developed according to Furok's concepts.

A new patch.

A new patch.

9 months ago News 7 comments

A new stable version has come out, featuring balance adjustments and new gameplay features.

GRIM AGE: Revived.

GRIM AGE: Revived.

10 months ago News 16 comments

Hello everyone! As some of you may already know, Furok gave me permission to use his assets and continue working on GRIM AGE: Skirmish. There're no confirmed...

Grim Age: Ostland Campaign Intro. Alpha 0.1.

Grim Age: Ostland Campaign Intro. Alpha 0.1.

3 months ago Demo 35 comments

Grim Age: Ostland Campaign Intro. Alpha 0.1. The first release of the Grim Age: Ostland Campaign.

GRIM AGE: Revived stable version.

GRIM AGE: Revived stable version.

9 months ago Full Version 34 comments

The latest stable version of the mod, featuring brand new morale system.

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Eliminator96 Aug 23 2015 says:

Do you become a skeleton everytime you lose a battle? Or is it just a chance occurrence?

+1 vote     reply to comment
AndreusAsable Creator
AndreusAsable Aug 23 2015 replied:

Yes, every time. But in a big battle with allies you have to completely loose the battle e.g. all allies have to be killed as well as your own troops and your main character, only then you become skeleton.

+1 vote   reply to comment
jacki123 Aug 22 2015 says:

Hey I really like the mod but I have a little problem. I'm playing as Chaos and started recruiting lots of chaos zealots but they started to slow down my party, so I'm trying to get rid of them but there's no option. It's like their party is permanently stuck in mine.

+1 vote     reply to comment
AndreusAsable Creator
AndreusAsable Aug 22 2015 replied:

I'll try to make this option.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Talic Aug 30 2015 replied:

Can you also make it so that you can take their prisoners to you?
So you can sacriface them. Also I am able to add Empire troops into my army as free 'ghost' troops (when freeing from Wandering Champions).
They disappear after battle from my army, but they still join in the future battles.

+1 vote     reply to comment
jacki123 Aug 22 2015 replied:

Alright thanks :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
DemonKhorne Aug 22 2015 says:

Разве мод не закрыли, или вы решили продолжить его?

+1 vote     reply to comment
AndreusAsable Creator
AndreusAsable Aug 22 2015 replied:

Ну, да, продолжить.

+1 vote   reply to comment
DemonKhorne Aug 22 2015 replied:

Это просто потрясающая новость! Теперь можно спать спокойно.

+1 vote     reply to comment
demon7495 Aug 22 2015 says:

Maybe I didn't understand something but why letters aren't present. And for some reason all map belongs to one fraction. And in general other languages, for example Russian will be added.

+1 vote     reply to comment
AndreusAsable Creator
AndreusAsable Aug 22 2015 replied:

As I see you're russian, so the answer is in russian. Sorry if I'm mistaken.

Попробуй поставить в настройках английский язык, не поможет - снести новый шрифт (который в моде) и также поставить английский язык. С русификатором возникли некие технические проблемы, пока не решаемые.

+1 vote   reply to comment
demon7495 Aug 22 2015 replied:

Спасибо, получилось.

+1 vote     reply to comment
AndreusAsable Creator
AndreusAsable Aug 22 2015 replied:

Забыл ответить по поводу карты, занятой одной фракцией. По квесту отыщешь города, принадлежащие хаотам, до выполнения квеста они не видны пока к ним не приблизиться.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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