Grid 1.3 AnyCar AnyTrack mod. This mod is for single player or online private host session. You need to have Grid patched to v1.3. If you join a public host, you will be kicked when race starts. The mod comes with a modified database.bin file to let the host pick any track across 5 events(covering all grid tracks) and players pick any car to race with. There is a 6th event with 14 tracks to choose along with the choice of 3 cars (jupiter,cuda or boss mustang)which is the demolition derby event. Some features: -Multiple changes to the Raceday part of game. -The Porche is now selectable and can be purchased in career mode or used for online private host. -2 touge tracks can be used for online private host -Freestyle D (open drifting track) can be used in career/test drive or online private host to mess around on(great for cops/robbers team demo derby battles). -Both demo derby tracks can now be used in career/test drive

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Pointless and I don't like it.

zadal3 says
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Jan 19th, 2014

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Nov 22nd, 2011

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Nov 14th, 2010

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Sep 23rd, 2010

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Jun 27th, 2010

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