Grey’s life has been nothing but a struggle. A constant downward spiral, and it seems even reality has turned against him. Grey awakens to find that the world has gone quiet, the streets empty. You must find help. Explore the grim world Grey lives in a completely new and unique world, and find clues to his shattered past. Grey is a total conversion Half-Life 2 horror modification where the player must solve puzzles, fight to survive, and find out what is happening to the world around you. We have made a lot changes to the base Source engine and have added countless new mechanics in the mod such as the objective indicator, portable medkit, donator based extras, pickup animations, failed reloads, new picture based GUI elements and much, much more!

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Good textures
Good art design
Good enemy sounds
Good voice acting

Boss wasn't very fun
Enemy designs were lacking
Uninteresting plot
Not very unique music
Very unbalanced: Enemies were way too strong and health was scarce

The game takes a while to get going and it never really gains momentum or hits it's stride. The game builds up tension during the beginning but when you encounter the first enemy that tension isn't payed off.

Great scary mod!

It is really an awesome game. Pretty creepy and too damn scary.
I love it.

This mod is absolutely stunning. The art design is professional quality. It's better than what most studios put out. And the artists were really creative with the horrifying images and ideas they put in this game -- great work! This level of creativity is rarely seen in the commercial realm. Whoever made this has just a ton of talent. The game play was exhilarating. I actually needed to worry about ammo and health, and scrounge for health packs, which added anxiety and enhanced the horror. I guess the selection of weapons seemed a bit unbalanced. Does that really effect the enjoyment, though? It was just a bit weird. It was short, but as an adult with limited time, I liked that. If this were a commercial game I would give this nearly 10/10, too, I suppose; it's just amazing. Bravo!!

Game is pretty good, pretty well sketched with realistic and convincing graphics but the bad thing is that there's still some glitches and bugs. Other than that this game is great.

Like when your walking around in the metro and that guy who was earlier in the game and was standing at the door and just disappeard is wandering in the metro and i just walked up to him, beat the **** out of him and my game crashed. o.0

Link to our Video Review.

The story was pretty lackluster at best, I found it to be pretty generic. That said I felt like I have already played games with the same general story in a way. (going insane etc)
Also the game-play wasn't balanced very well. Enemies would be put in places where literally you would turn a corner and be killed. There wasn't very much ammo or health packs either. Because of this the game started to become more frustrating rather then scary. Lets just say I really enjoyed the game BEFORE monsters started showing up. :P The visuals were very very good, the developer created a great atmosphere for the player to relish in.

All in all the mod was pretty average, I had waited for a while for this mod to come out but it didn't really deliver. But I understand a lot of people like the mod, I just couldn't get into it.

Again if you want to watch our video review of the mod check out this link. :)


Textures, sounds and design ist totally from scratch. The programming ist very good. The scary atmosphere at the beginning goes down at the middle of the mod, because to much puzzles. But the main criticism ist the high level of difficulty. Health ist way to rare and the monsters were way too strong. It was frustrating and demotivating to die so many times. Please release a patch to fix the balancing. Overall it's still good with a lot of work. 7/10

Too much of a build up


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very good game, and lots of jumpscares overall a well made game

The only thing is that i still dont understand what the story is about.

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