Grey’s life has been nothing but a struggle. A constant downward spiral, and it seems even reality has turned against him. Grey awakens to find that the world has gone quiet, the streets empty. You must find help. Explore the grim world Grey lives in a completely new and unique world, and find clues to his shattered past. Grey is a total conversion Half-Life 2 horror modification where the player must solve puzzles, fight to survive, and find out what is happening to the world around you. We have made a lot changes to the base Source engine and have added countless new mechanics in the mod such as the objective indicator, portable medkit, donator based extras, pickup animations, failed reloads, new picture based GUI elements and much, much more!

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10 Cookiestealer

Sep 21st, 2012 3 people agree 2 people don't


Comr4de says
9 Comr4de

Sep 4th, 2012 2 people agree 1 person doesn't
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Albeit short Grey provides Silent Hill inspired environments that gives off the restless and horrific vibe you'd expect. Although I had wished I would had been told there was iron-sights you can opt to use it ends up being quite redundant due to the fact the monsters are quite fast.

While the ingame videos are nice, I felt that they tore away from the focus of first person horror -- not in the sense that I can see my character in the environment but the fact that it stopped gameplay for a few seconds in order for me to see my character doing something, which should had only been done just in really important bits - rather than what could had been an awesome scare (I am referring to the ghost like encounters across a hallway) subtle scares like this are far more effective when a player encounters them himself, although I do understand it's hard to do when to trigger them ; I would probably use something in the lines of what Valve had done with doves in order to get the players attention, only in your situation it could be dust, your black myst or several other methods to capture the players attention to these scares instead of stopping gameplay. There were excellent other methods that gave great scares however, and even though most felt like jump scares it was still well done.

I felt there was a lot of redundancy however. The excessive amounts of melee weapons is also nice but none of them were comparable to the pipe, leaving them redundant for the player to use.

I addition I also found; and this may pertain on normal mode at least, that batteries are not only plentiful but I never truly ran out of flashlight power. It did keep me on edge hoping I wouldn't run out but it was something that I never encountered.

Overall it's a great mod, wished it was a bit longer since it was indeed very enjoyable and definitely worth your time, even with my own criticism, to give it a shot!

Excellent work guys!

evantheuseless says
9 evantheuseless

Sep 3rd, 2012 2 people agree 1 person doesn't
This review may contain spoilers

Definitely one of my favorite singleplayer source mods.

While there have been many complaints about scarcity of health/weakness of weapons, having played Cry of Fear I was expecting some difficulty with this, and STALKER taught me to have my quicksave at the right moment. However, I felt like the melee battles should have been done... differently. I did the whole step forward, swing, and step back. It didn't feel like I was fighting, but rather I was exploiting. I always love a hard mode that does more than just change balance, and this mod does an excellent job at changing what I expected. However, I felt as if there was too little explained in the normal mode. Challenges were pretty neat too, though having to reload each time, especially on those timed/short ones, was a pain.

It's very good looking for a source mod, and the use of new textures was a good thing, as I don't enjoy looking at the same plaster wall in so many different settings. The enemy models, while some were ridiculous, were well done, especially that human-sized puppet. That wagon one made more sense when everything was over.

The new sounds, while some enemy ones are hokey, are still new. It was strange but also neat to hear DragonmasterNor again, reprising a similar role.

C'mon, was the pony thing necessary? I thought I'd be rewarded for completing the challenges, not punished. I get that it's an "easteregg" but it's just unnecessary and out of place. I understand that you might like it, but don't push it on me, especially for completing the game to the fullest.

An excellent mod and one of the best singleplayer source mods. I'd highly recommend this to any horror buff, or just someone seeking a challenge.

Wolfer255 says
9 Wolfer255

Aug 31st, 2012 1 person agrees 0 people don't

This was one of my highly anticipated mods and I had high hopes for it. Some of it came through in the end and some of it didn't.

Grey is a great horror mod a bit in the style of condemned: criminal origins. The maps in this game are excellent, no complains on that end.

The horror element in the game is very much present, with lots of disturbing images, shifting rooms and creepy events. It really gives itself something more mysterious and illusive rather then for example using the feeling of paranoia or claustrophobia like in Cry of Fear.

The only real scares in the game however are the jump scares. Which are only there because the enemies tend to scream loud in your face when you turn around the corner.

The enemies are often too ridiculous, some just look silly some are just far-fetched and some are just annoying.

The combat in the game is terrible, and that is an understatement. Enemies deal way to much damage, health is never easy to find when you need it. Your firearms are like nerfguns and your melee weapons are like hitting an enemy with a piece of styrofoam.

I can imagine a lot of people having problem with a particular boss battle, I know I did. Don't worry you'll know it when you see it. Quicksave is your buddy here, but do it at the right moment.

The story I thought was pretty good, you have a good voice actor and actress who tell most of the story, and notes that will tell the rest.

Most puzzles were fairly easy, some solutions might be a little to hard to find, though I didn't have much trouble.

The weapons in the game look great, however some sound a bit flat. The voice acting however is top notch. Music isn't very special, just seems like crackling noises and cheap music most of the time.

It's not as good as I hoped it would be, I hoped it would be another one of those masterpieces like Cry of Fear, Afraid of Monsters and Nightmare House 2. The game has some serious issues, but it's still very good with a lot of work that went into it. 8.5/10

Odeghy says
9 Odeghy

Aug 31st, 2012 1 person agrees 0 people don't

This is really creepy! From the first moment and to whenever I stopped! I could only get as far as finding the torch. The atmosphere just made it feel like I was playing Penumbra and Slender. I'm not sure if I can play it anymore. Just too damn scary! :D

mediochrea says
7 mediochrea

Aug 27th, 2012 2 people agree 1 person doesn't

Quite pleasing visual style, exciting storyline, although a bit slow in the beginning, believable voice acting. The praise ends here. Now for the bad bits: too much relies on jumpscares, which is the easiest and the least creative way to scare the player, and which should just ******* die already.
Additionally, the enemies are absurdly overpowered: crazy fast and healthy, they pop out from around the dark corners (again, jumpscares) and finish you in a couple fast blows. This can and does build up a fair share of frustration, and if you keep dying in a horror game, all the atmosphere and suspense is lost. Level design as well is incomprehensible in places, with you "using" every object on the map, trying to understand what the **** are you supposed to do, and finally swearing and shaking head at the weird and illogical solution.
In conclusion, I want to say that despite all the downsides, I enjoyed the mod a lot. But it could've been done so much better.

Res1 says
7 Res1

Aug 25th, 2012 2 people agree 1 person doesn't

It's pretty good and atmospheric at some points but the scares weren't really that scary. Plus the storyline got a bit dry at points and it annoyed me how the character wouldn't comment about anything that was going on. Only very rarely would he say stuff like "This is ****** up" The mod well done overall though and I hope any future mods by you guys improve upon what you've done here.

Radu_IceMan says
7 Radu_IceMan

Aug 25th, 2012 1 person agrees 0 people don't

I downloaded the mod on the first day it was released. Having tracked it for a few years, I was thrilled to finally play it.

The intro was pretty suffocating and unnerving, which made me question the overall experience, but after that brief moment, it began to build some suspense and create a dark atmosphere through it's lack of enemies or any type of characters. That state lasted long enough to get the player used to the environment and prepare him for the first enemy encounter. That is one thing I did not like and I believe it could have been done better.

Another aspect I didn't enjoy is the overall level design. The world is built chaotically and is often unclear where to head. I understand you want to put emphasis on exploration, but when the player loses direction it's bad. Using the light a lot more often to guide him through the level would have been an excellent choice.

Thirdly, the hand animation when opening the doors. That must have been the most annoying thing aside the poor ambient sounds and some pitch black areas.

Overall, the mod wasn't that bad, but wasn't very good either. There are a lot of areas that can be improved upon, the story especially. However, one thing you managed to get right is the enemies, which are downright scary.

I rated the mod a 7 because I think it has a lot of potential.

Silktax says
6 Silktax

Aug 25th, 2012 3 people agree 2 people don't
This review may contain spoilers

This was a really great mod, I was pleasantly surprised with the way it was done. But it was so damn short! - Seriously if you speed ran the campaign you could complete it in 30 minutes, which is severely disappointing considering this mod had so much potential.
The scares were good and I did like the enemy designs they were pretty ******* creepy! The mapping was great and very atmospheric but the weapon sounds need some work and some custom blood decals would look a lot better in game. The challenges are great and give you some extra play time and are very fun to play through.
The unlock-able weapon actually ****** this game for me completely, it just ****** me off over any thing and screwed the experience completely.
At least give us something cool for our time spent going through this game like a flamethrower or something but god really? Of all things that.. COME ON!

z/tp says
9 z/tp

Jul 14th, 2014 0 people agree 0 people don't
This review may contain spoilers

I played through this three times.
It scared me beyond anything, even though I knew the monsters.
But I simply forgot some of them.
The weapons look really good, I liked the failing reload animation and the shivering of Greys hands.
The monsters were very unique and had nightmarish movements and sounds to offer.
Also, what was up with these black cobweb things?
The mod had a very dirty and disgusting, yet spine-chilling look to it and the references to Mistake -1 were priceless.
The only negative point is that the enemies dealed way too much damage.
Thus, hard mode was unplayable for me, also because of the useless knife weapon you got in the kitchen in the bar.

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