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::::::::::::GRAND THEFT ULTRA::::::::::::: (working title)


This mod will incorporate the entire GTA 3D universe into one game. Imagine: San Vice Liberty City!


The goal is to unite all 3 GTA games under one roof, adding the worldscapes of both Liberty City and Vice City to the San Andreas worldscape, essentially creating one hugely massive game world. I would also like to possibly import the peds, vehicles, sound clips etc from the other games, and give players the choice of Claude, Tommy OR CJ as playable characters.

Other (possible) goals include:

  • Create BRAND NEW missions and cutscenes, complete with NEW voiceovers (actors/actresses WILL be required for this) that take advantage of the new worldscape.
  • Update the existing Vice City/Liberty City vehicles/peds to higher poly rates, to account for San Andreas's slick new look
  • Build new transportation methods between cities, such as using the new SA airport flight system or train hijacking.
  • Center the game's focus more on boosting cars and using the import/export feature


This mod is purely in concept phase right now. I just recieved my copy of San Andreas today, and as soon as some mod tools are released to edit the data files I can get started. I will need the assistance of veteran GTA modders experienced with modeling, animation of cutscenes, data file manipulation (collisions, placement, etc) along with people willing to contribute new voiceovers for missions.

Anyone interesting in contributing should send me an email as soon as possible. Let's get this puppy rolling!

UPDATE 14JUN05: I have finished the rough draft of the story, and I'm ready to commence building the foundations got GTU. I'm in need of the following people to assist me and join the team:

  • Experienced coders (ESPECIALLY those familiar with mission editing from GTA III and/or Vice City
  • Concept/Graphic Artists for preproduction work
  • Mappers/Skinners/Modelers who are willing to start working on importing the graphics from the other games and updating them
  • Texture artists
  • Mission creators/story writers
  • Anyone else with great ideas!
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Hey all, sorry for the lack of updates the past 2 weeks. I've been away dealing with a death in the family, not to mention brushing up hardcore on my modeling skills with Maya. Right now the project is a bit lull as we're still waiting for proper modeling tools to be released. One spot of good news is the joining of GTAForum guru and all around great guy Andy80586 to the team! You've probably seen his excellent posts about the memory addresses and mapping isues with GTA:SA, and he's done some wicked work on the other GTA games, namely removing the land limits from Vice City which as you know is the whole reason we have Myriad Islands today! With his expertise onboard, we'll be cranking things up a notch in the coming weeks. Welcome, Andy!

Now a quick note to aspiring team members. While I appreciate all the enthusiasm regarding the mod, the outpouring of team requests for voice acting, translating and webpage design has been almost unheard of. Point is, right now we need to actually BUILD the main portions of the mod, all the other stuff will have to wait, so PLEASE stop requesting to be either a Voice Actor, Translator, Webmaster, or Story Writer for the time being. I already have the entire GTU script written along with 90% of the missions, all 95 of them. What we need are SKILLED GTA mappers, modelers and mission coders, not people willing to learn. I appreciate the offers to learn, but I, nor the rest of the team have the time to teach and/or train you in how to do it. Sorry to be so harsh guys, but we're on a timetable here.

Stay tuned for updates soon!

Update for 23JUN05

News 3 comments

Wow, 2 days time and we've already had some major progress. We're still waiting on a proper mapper to be released for GTA:SA, so keep your fingers...

Update for 21JUN05

News 0 comments

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates for the past few days. As you can see, our team is now at 11. Our target team roster is 18, and we're in...


News 0 comments

As you can see, we've recruited some top notch team members this week already. We now have a modeler working on the poly counts, a coder helping...

Update for 16JUN05

News 0 comments

Well, we have our first team member now! Evilhunter32 will be handing some of the voice acting for us. Great to have you onboard! Also, as many of you...

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I love this idea but the problem is that Tommy vercetti and Claude can't swim, are you going to put a mod in to make both Tommy and Claude swim like CJ?

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I want to pursue just the same... An exciting mod. They might have come across the same problems I have while trying to change the geographical formations of san andreas for use with different islands/places or the addition of more places. Crashes constantly...

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Im sorry to informe you but i beleive that there will be no more of this mod and all this will be is the fate of everys brocken dreams...

lol that sux

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This mod not updated for 1 month. Try the GTA LVS! They update most of the time!

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u dudes still sure that that mod isn't dead? cuz last update was 5 months ago

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good idea but i do not think that this mod is going be about... but i fyou gather some ppl why dont you try to make it youreself...

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\/\/sorry about my english!!

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why don't make like this:
inside making 3 places of diferents timelines in the same location make a history like this:

In 2059 a group of many scientists were triyng to make a timemachine.

In 2068 they finish a prototype.

In a room in near lab:
(JOHN)- Hey Rick, what are you doing?
(RICK)- I am watching my old movies.
(JOHN)- You and your old movies. Hey, come look your father machine they will make a test!

In the lab:
(MATT)- Now we will make a test!
(RICK)- But father, and if the time machine fail this ins't will make a bad thing??
(MATT)- No, we will not test the time machine we will only test the engine of time machine, not turn on.
(RICK)- Father, if me and a person come to the past and I kill the mother of this guy, this guy will die??
(MATT)- We made reseachs and discovered that no. When a person walk to the pass he create another timeline.
(RICK)- I think that the time was like a very old movie that I was watching called terminator.
(MATT)- Now on the tests.

Matt press the button but not just the engine, but the entire time machine start, the time machine.
The time machine explode, but....

Liberty city 2002:
In the tunel that are closed in liberty city a time portal appear.
Matt leaves the portal, he is the only that survived, but some seconds before a something strange happen to the portal and..

San andreas 1990:
A portal is opened near san fierro. Matt leaves the portal and start to run, but the portal

Vice city 1983:
A portal is opened near in vice city, matt leaves the portal again, and start to run very fast, the noting happens with the portal.
(MATT)- Where I am???
(THIEF)- Man, give me your money!!!
(MATT)- I dont have money.

The thief shoot in the matt and he is now dead.

So in this mod you can enter in portal to go to the others cities in the others timelines. Like the matt said in the history makin a thing in the past doen't change the other future, since it is another timeline, so you dont need to make a changes in the other cities map, allways that a player make something impostant

You can make mission like gang members wanting you to take to to a 80's disco.

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You had an exellent idea! Combine all the cities in a game will be really cool!
But I have some questions and some suggestions to do:

1- There are many "Pay'n Srays" in LC(3) and in VC(5). Is possible to replace one "Pay'n Sray" in each city (LC and VC) for a "Transfender"?

2- Is possible to create one ore two restaurants in LC, and replace the existing ones in Vice City for those who we have in San Andreas (choose the food we want to eat)?

3- Is possible to create a Gymnasium and a Binco or Zip Store in LC and VC, for training and buy somo clothes?

4- In GTA:LC Mod for VC, I think that exists a bug in than isntead of a Train we have an Helicopter (lol), will in GTU theat bug solved?

5- In many Mods where new parts in the map are inserted (in the sea), the Orientation Map in the low part of the screen at the left doesn't have any information of the streets (in conclusion it has nothing). Will we have on this Mod the Orientation Map working well for all the cities you are goind to insert?

6- How will be the Radio Stations? Will we have all the Radio Stations working or only the ones we have in San Andreas?

7-GTA III and GTA VC are games that are not prepared for the player be able to be in top of the highest buildings, so the top of many buildings are not covered by solid textures.
It would be great if you could correct the textures of those buildings changing them by solid ones, because it would not make sense that only the buildings of SA were solid, and the others don't.

Here are links to pictures of the buildings that don't have soild textures in the above part of them:

GTAIII - Portland:

GTAIII - Staunton Island:


That's all for now.
Thanks for the atention.

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