Goldrush is a multiplayer mod for Soldier of Fortune 2... To play it you must have: * the Gold patch installed * a pc with a minimum of 256MB of ram (com_hunkMegs 128 is the minimum) Goldrush focuses on gameplay, but it also has a nice admin/refereesystem and many useful features. It will be hard to name the all, but these features are probably the most important ones: * autobalance system for teamgames * an anticampsystem * realistic speed: add weights to weapons, items, gametype-items, health/armor and certain movements. Examples: - players running a knife are usually faster than someone running around with a m60 - players who carry a gametype-item (flag, briefcase or bomb) are usually slower - wounded players are slower than healthy players - ever saw someone running as fast backwards as they run forward? * extra gore: more realistic blood, easier dismemberment, flying bodyparts, some cool effects * 21 gametypes: we added 15 gametypes; together with the 6 standard gametype we have a...

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ADMINS/REFEREES: * new adm/ref command: autobalance This will disable (0) or enable (1) the autobalance of teams... needs a map_restart or a new map to take effect! An admin/referee can only disable/enable the autobalance with this command. The rest is done via configfile (default: autobalance.cfg). Changes there must be done by a sysop (via ftp?)... * new adm/ref command: anticamp This will disable (0) or enable (1) the anticampsystem... An admin/referee can only disable/enable the anticampsystem with this command. The rest is done via cvars. Other changes to the anticampsystem must be done by a sysop via rcon... * for admins and referees the 'checkab' command (check autobalance) now also shows when the next check will take place (in seconds)... * fixed the adm/ref swapteams command as it didnt work properly for gametype that use "normal" respawn like TDM, TCAH and TCTB * fixed a bug in the /adm strike command (no more tk-messages and no more receiving damage (if friendlyfire...

Goldrush 2.2 (update from 2.1 to 2.2)
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