An enhanced version of the original GoldenEye 007 on the N64, modding Rare's First-Person follow-up Perfect Dark. Relive the magic of GoldenEye, now with brand new features and upgrades. Hear the sounds of the surface beneath you as you walk, watch the snow fall in Severnaya, battle enemies over and through railings, splatter blood on nearly everything in sight, attach mines and knives to an opponent, play mutiplayer with up to eight computer controlled Simulants, have a second player participate in the mission campaign (either as a friend or a foe), listen to characters speak with voice-overs, tackle new scenarios in multi (including Capture the Flag and King of the Hill), have greater control over your options and character choice in multiplayer, and so much more! Plus, through the advancements in emulation, play online against your friends with Mupen64! This is GoldenEye... Like you've never experienced it before.

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Elvis' Uncle Invades GE:X
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lolwut :D

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haha geez ^^

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Elvis wasn't the first member of his family to take a trip to Earth. In fact, it was his uncle who originally visited our planet nearly thirty years prior. His spacecraft was momentarily struck by an electromagnetic pulse as the GoldenEye satellite was fired on Severnaya. It resulted in a crash landing, which he narrowly escaped from with his life. When he came to, he found that he had been grounded somewhere in England. As taught in the Maian Space Exploration Academy (MSEA), his main priority was to stay in the shadows, while paying very close attention to the habitat - especially those regarded as the most dominant of species. He was accidentally discovered by a nine year old boy and his six year old sister out on a farm. They would play with him in their father's barn, and teach him things about their culture. He even became quite fond of a certain musician, and adopted his name for use by his new found friends. Eventually he managed to fix his ship, though it took some time to repair all the damages. He may have left Earth to return home, but he'd never forget the friendship he'd made with those children. This journey helped to further promote a possible diplomatic relationship between humans and Maians. Oh, and he also had a sub-machine gun.

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