GoldenEye: Source is a total conversion modification of Half-Life 2. It is a fan made recreation, released for free, with only one goal in mind; to bring the memories and experiences from the original GoldenEye64 back to life using Source Technology. We want you to look at this mod and remember the first best multiplayer first-person shooter ever made. We are doing our best to bring in the opinions of the community to create a game that everyone is going to enjoy. But, we are not here to recreate the game exactly how it was in GE64, a lot of things have changed since they first designed that game, mainly in technology and gamers experiences. We are here to take the game even further but at the same time provide a lot of those fun elements that hardcore GE64 fans will enjoy. We've got experienced team members all across the board, from professional level, to amateurs looking to make it into the business working hard to make this dream a reality.

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Great game! Be nice if they made a campaign with it. Like the original.

The Best Game Ever

Goldeneye Source is a perfect example of what a mod should strive to be. Fun. It had an idea, went for it and achieved something that is closer to the n64 game then the Nintendo Wii Re-Release multiplayer wise.

Overall I think that if you're the type of person who just wants to pop in for 5 minutes or 5 hours to play a game with your friends online, this is the type of mod you need in your library.

Having been spoiled by such graphics intensive games as Crysis, I really thought I'd be turned off by the relatively simple graphics this mod has. However, I just realized how much fun simple multiplay fps could be! I remember all of this gameplay way back when with the I can take a rest from the standard FPSs and be nostalgic!

this game is a blast! I'll be with this one for the long haul.

wow where to start for a classic mod that reaches of awesome but with every mod it has it's problems but for this mod the problem are minor thank god.
But lets get it out of the way anyway...Well for 4.1 this is a major leap but the only problem I'm having is that the lazer was nerfed so bad that it's too slow but that is my only problem and I know there are other problems but there already talked about it on the GE:S Forums.
Ok now for the fun part ok for startes this mod has been out there for a while and has been changed several time over but 4.1 is what they are calling it the "mod is out of beta" and it deserves that title.

Graphic/level design OMG it's amazing my personal fave map is still runway but the person that redone silo from scratch needs a medal or something it's amazing the detail towards not just silo but every map including casino the new community map is amazing. The core gameplay is still there and can't wait for more content to come.
Overall for an old HL2 mod this stands the test of time and also revises itself every time and my seal of awesome for this mod is required. So if you haven't played this mod...WTF is wrong with you get HL2 and download this mod you will not regret it.

An outstanding mod that did what I didn't think was possible: To revive the spirit of classic multiplayer shooters. And as a person who really enjoyed the original, I can safely say that this is an improvement in every aspect.

The gameplay hasn't changed much, which is good. The only real change is the fact that you can use an actual mouse to look around, which was not really possible on the N64. All the classic maps are back, including my personal favourite (Facility), with updated textures and models. The Goldeneye weapons return as well, giving a great deal of variety and allowing players to find their own winning strategies. And if you're a person who doesn't care much for online play, there is offline play with bots.

Despite the bot AI being a little stupid at times and there's no crosshair unless you press shift, I don't really see any problems with this mod. Great job, modders!

A great and very polished mod that i can always be gaurannted a good time when i play it and it bring back alot of memories from the old n64 goldeneye

cooool game

Simply awesome, even if you are not a fan you will like it.

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