GoldenEye: Source is a total conversion modification of Half-Life 2. It is a fan made recreation, released for free, with only one goal in mind; to bring the memories and experiences from the original GoldenEye64 back to life using Source Technology. We want you to look at this mod and remember the first best multiplayer first-person shooter ever made. We are doing our best to bring in the opinions of the community to create a game that everyone is going to enjoy. But, we are not here to recreate the game exactly how it was in GE64, a lot of things have changed since they first designed that game, mainly in technology and gamers experiences. We are here to take the game even further but at the same time provide a lot of those fun elements that hardcore GE64 fans will enjoy. We've got experienced team members all across the board, from professional level, to amateurs looking to make it into the business working hard to make this dream a reality.

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Quick status update

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Hello all you goldeneye source fans, Wondering what happened to the goldeneye source mod? Heres the answers to frequently asked questions about the mod...

Results of the Moddb Award show

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We would like to thank everyone that voted for us for the moddb awards. We placed 4th in the top 5 unreleased mods** (see note at the bottom of the post...

Alpha 1 Released

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It's out. Get it now. Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Mirror 3 Mirror 4 Mirror 5 INSTALLATION GUIDE This Guide has been brought to you by WarriorNation.Net. We...

Dec. 18th Media Release

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Goldeneye Source is releasing an alpha on Christmas Day! After nearly a year of development, Goldeneye Source has finally reached alpha stages. It's...

Alpha release info

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Hey all, we are still around. We know we havent released many updates lately, but we are still working hard and making alot of progress behind closed...

December PC Zone magazine

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We were recently talked about in the new PC-Zone magazine. Almost a full page worth. We cant say how great it is to finally be recognized for our hard...

Sound Recording

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Here is a look at what we have been up to for the last few weeks, and what research we have been doing. "Recording Guns for GoldenEye: Source&quot...

More Media

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Hello again. Its time for some more media. We've began alpha testing lately, adding new features, weapons, and finishing up on some maps. We are...

Interview with HeadCrabUnion

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Recently we were asked by Sentinelrv of HeadCrabUnion. I recently got the chance to do an interview with the mod team behind GoldenEye: Source, which...

Alpha Weapon Test

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Here is a video of the PP7 and KF7-Soviet in action. These are still WIP. We need to add the muzzle flash and other minor adjustments. Regardless, it's...

Media Update

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Hello again, Its time for that moment we've all been waiting for, Finally some skinned stuff!. Today we have the skinned pp7, throwing and hunting...

Large Media update

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Hello Again, Its time for another media update, a rather large media update. Today we have 5 new screenshots of the upcoming map Facility and Egyptian... Interview

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Wednesday July 13 at 9PM EST ( -5GMT ). We will be having an interview with on teamspeak. GamerNode, is a fairly new 'News Site'...

More Media

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Hello again, Time for another press release, beginning to be a weekly habit now. Today we have 5 weapon renders, and the Cradle Theme. First We have the...

New Media Shots

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Hello again everyone, we have some more stuff to show you all, and a little bit of a progress report on the mod. We've been steadily making progress...

Goldeneye Source

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Yeah thats right goldeneye, many of you may have not known about our mod, Well now is the time you do. We've been working on this mod for about 5...

Work For Goldeneye Source

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Here is a current list of open positions that Goldeneye Source is looking for. Before you apply please keep in mind that we are a non-profit, community-based...

Site Re-done again

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A brand new site was redone by our nice webmaster blackthorn -new features include a news script with comments -enhanced poll system -ad space for...

More pictures added

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after mod db being down we reloaded all the pictures and added even more!! enjoy

Goldeneye Website Overhaul

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The website has gotten redesined thanks to one of our mod development teams. It looks REALLY good and we encourage people to visit it. The Website is...

Thank you for the support

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Thank you to everyone showing support towards this mod.. we are working on it as fast as we can and hope to have a beta in the near future. There are...

Goldeneye Source Gets a Name

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We have just recently purchaced our own domain name Visit the website and help us grow

Staff Needed

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We need Coders and Modelers and several other positions. If you wish to apply visit our forums and apply in the recruitment forums. our site is A domain...