I've restored the profile for archival and historical purposes. No, GDU is not being reborn, or updated. It died four years ago when I realized I didn't know the difference between an 'if' statement and my shoe. Oh well, the good 'ol days.



According to a funny little book written by a few people who were off their nut, the Earth was created in six days by a larger being who was quite lazy, using the valuable seventh day to take a nap of godly proportions. So, the Earth was created.

This, in turn, angered a lot of people, and has widely been considered a bad idea.

Much like the creation of the Universe, which was done by equally lazy Deities.

See, the creation of the Earth made people so angry, they tried to find ways of making it go away. From the Great Crusade (A cover to try and find the center of the Earth and hit it with metal objects until it exploded) to World War II (Hitler had the idea that if he killed enough people, God would get angry and cause a great flood or something.) Every time, these individuals have failed, and have been labeled as miserable failures for everything. Ever.

Somehow, the Earth lived through all this nonsense without flinging itself into the sun. Still, on the morning of the tenth year of the twenty first century, things went wrong.

For starters, it was a Monday. So, most people trudged to work (A recent law had passed because some religious group called all other holidays unethical, and Christmas was to be the only Holiday. Seeing as how the current president was head of the Lol Church of Texas, this passed with ease.) half drunk. The other half drooled on their keyboards. This set into motion the gears that would bring an end to the world.

For on Monday afternoon, a rat crawled into the Wall Street building’s servers and took a **** on the hard drive, nibbling on some wires and dying, just like rats normally do. This causes the computers to explode in various ways, and many people are killed by flying plastic. This caused everyone to stop, get out of their cars, and roll around on the ground for a good five minutes.

No one knows why, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Tuesday was spent lighting New York on fire, and eating cake.

The biggest disaster, however, happened Wednesday Morning, when the internet took a flying leap into the ocean. This caused multitudes of creeps, geeks, and other rather odd people to leave their houses for the first time, where they were quickly hit by buses, for it was Drive on the Sidewalk day.

On Thursday, people started to explode in the street. In fact, the end of the world involved a lot of exploding and death.

On Friday, however. The world just ended.

In fact, the world ended for many years. During this time, people hid in buildings, caves, and oversized computer cases.

Two years after the world ended, it stopped ending, and promptly rained all over the place. This made the dead very mad, causing them to get up and start kicking ass left and right.

Too bad this has nothing to do with God Damned Undead.

See, there are zombies walking around. And it’s your job to make them not walk around. Here’s a shotgun. Have fun.


GDU is not a mod that will try to scare you. Nor will you be in this mod, wondering where all your ammo went. When you die, you don't become a zombie, and you don't wait the game out. You spawn again. With a shotgun.

We like shotguns.

But really, if you want a serious zombie mod, check out No More Room in Hell, or Dawn of the Dead. If you want to shoot zombies while playing as Jesus, check out God Damned Undead.

And yes, the new version will have an installer that doesn't fail. Sorry to those of you who had problems with the old installer.

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Well, amazing. I got the update made.

Prior to this date, not many people have even heard of this mod, besides those at HL2World, HL2Files and some other zombie mods. To say that GDU is any sort of popular would be a damned lie, although it has it’s own band of dedicated fans.

To start out, God Damned Undead is a “Casual” zombie mod. Casual, as in you can just pick it up and start playing without ruining others experiences, or having to wait. This is the mod for a person who is up at three in the morning, and wants to shoot something without putting much thought into it. You won’t find any sort of story, puzzles, or anything that would distract you from killing things. While I’m sure you will be startled by something suddenly jumping out at you from a darkened alley, scaring you is not our job. That job has been placed in the hands of mod teams like No More Room in Hell (Nice media release by the way, guys) and Dawn of the Dead, who want to make a story driven adventure where you feel stressed to reach whatever while braving the environments and zombies. God Damned Undead is the mod where you want to shoot undead things while playing as Jesus.

You can find more information on God Damned Undead at our site ( Gdu.hl-improvement.com ) or our ModDB entry ( God Damned Undead ) as well as find an old, buggy release.

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Ravenholm Map (Pre Alpha)

10 years ago Multiplayer Map 1 comment

An SDK map converted for use in multiplayer. Keep moving and don't stand around the spawn too long.

God Damned Undead (Alpha 2)

10 years ago Full Version 1 comment

One of the earliest versions of the mod, with it's own share of bugs. However, it manages to do just what it advertises: Zombie blasting in Multiplayer...

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Leadman47 Aug 10 2005 says:

This is a multiplayer game...
...I dont see any servers. Is there a problem or whut?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Pink_Flamingo Aug 8 2005 says:

wanna try again how do i download?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Pink_Flamingo Aug 8 2005 says:

eh basicaly what i just said !

+1 vote     reply to comment
RealSXTC Jun 27 2005 says:

Don't know what some of you are whining bout :p just found this site and was playing the game 5 mins after.
The creator just forgot to mention some things..
When you install it into the sourcemods folder you need to create another folder in their of your own and put all the GDU files in it, then start steam, it should now autoupdate "half life deathmatch" (apperantly you need it), just start the game and youll be able to play the game in zombie filled maps. Also don't forget to download the Ravenholm included wich can be found under the "files" section on the main site, just drag those files into the GDU folder and they will put themselves where they belong, if it asks to overwrite pick yes. (put the map in Before you start steam and before you update, dont know if it would work if you did it after)

+1 vote     reply to comment
madddogg2020 Jun 25 2005 says:

like the name good **** havent got to play it yet though but lookin forward to it :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
VulpineComplex Creator
VulpineComplex Jun 23 2005 says:

The mod MUST go in a GDU folder in your Sourcemods folder. Make sure it doesn't install in the root.

Obviously, this will be fixed in later versions.

+1 vote   reply to comment
SanjuroShikimori Jun 22 2005 says:

Ok wtf After I installed it, there is nothing there
and I try to reinstall, nothing there again ;(

+1 vote     reply to comment
PenguinKiller Jun 15 2005 says:

hmm intresting ill try it out:P

+1 vote     reply to comment
VulpineComplex Creator
VulpineComplex Jun 14 2005 says:

No thanks.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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