The main goal of this SubMod will be to : - Add new SubFactions (with new units, heroes, buildings and powers). - Add some models and texture to my pack of maps to improve the global design of the maps. - Solve the ButtonImage problem for all the CommandButtons in my maps. - To add some new useful Command Buttons (to mask the trees in "Caras Galadhon" for example). I very like Edain Mod like that... I so decided to make an submod which will be activated only when you choose to play a map whose the name begin by "SubMod:"

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Hello everybody! I've started to rework entirely Esgaroth (LakeTown), I will post pictures in the same time than I making the city to show my progression.

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First, I decide to make new models of bridges than I will put on the border of the city to give the impression that the city floats on the water.
I made that to correct my old version of this map because it was one of the default which distances my version from the Movies.

Esg01 Worldbuilder 2017 07 16 19 52 51

Like I posted before one member of the team made new buildings for the map:

This member also worked on a retexturation of all the vanilla buildings which aims to make them faithful to the movies like you can see in these pictures (the models and textures are not finish this is just a preview):

game 2017 07 21 00 36 11 72 game 2017 07 21 00 36 28 43

Video of the new gate model:

Today I working on some new models for the map, the main gate, the walls and the bridge:

game 2017 08 13 19 53 58 40 game 2017 08 13 19 56 17 35

game 2017 08 14 00 48 07 57 game 2017 08 14 00 48 36 70

I continue to make new models for the map:
The Bard's House than you can see in this picture will be a special building. At the start of the game the player will be able to recruit Bard only, but after unlocked one power in the spellbook the player will be able to recruit all the heroes of the Thorin compagny (I will explain later how they will work).

Moreover, I decided to make the selectable buildings like the Barracks, the Forge and all the others player's building with a different texture for the roof like that the player will be able to easely find his buildings.

game 2017 08 17 18 51 23 06 game 2017 08 17 18 51 44 06

I also made some new decorative elements like the docks which will be palced in some part of the city:

game 2017 08 17 18 50 56 43

And, I worked on this model whose the goal will be to connect buildings over the water (just a decorative element).

game 2017 08 17 18 52 23 43

Today I will show you the last players buildings than I made, you can see the armory, the workshop and the barracks on these pictures:

game 2017 08 20 16 41 02 90 game 2017 08 20 16 41 14 38

game 2017 08 20 16 41 48 07 game 2017 08 20 16 41 53 34

I also continued to work on decorative buildings with this:

game 2017 08 20 16 43 20 93

I began to work on some decorative objects for the map like some clothes and pans for example.
I want to make something like in the movie with the markets/pantries under the houses like you can see on this extract:

I will so made some of them to make the city livelier.

game 2017 08 26 11 09 05 17 game 2017 08 26 11 54 42 37

game 2017 08 26 11 55 13 89 game 2017 08 26 11 55 28 38

ThorinTheKing made snow textures for the buildings of the city:

game 2017 08 26 12 31 13 08

(I will probably soon work on the ground texture).

More to come...


Thats Great! Keep the good work. Maybe you can even have some color or some snow on the rooftops.

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Yes, we will definitely take this into account, to make the whole city with some snow :)

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Glorfindel23 Author

Yes I agree too.

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Good Work

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Glorfindel23 Author

Thank you!

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