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Jun 30 2013, 4:45am Anchor

Sorry I meant the Special Forces package...let me just report 2 minor things: on night maps the weapon texture is just shiny white (or missing)..and the MEC bots in the carrier level are just crashing with their helis in the carrier (waypointfix?) but as I said nice work Foxfort!!

Jun 30 2013, 5:22am Anchor

Ok, so both Global Storm v0.5 and Global Storm Special Forces v0.2 are working now? Do you have any problem with them. I don't understand about this white weapons problem, do you mean texture is missing or as you said weapons are just little shiny?

Jun 30 2013, 7:10am Anchor

Yes both versions are working. And yes the texture is missing when playing night maps.

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Nov 9 2013, 7:19am Anchor

I cant play Global Storm v0.5 cause when i press join button game crashes, but its only with US lvls.

PS: i didnt change anything just copy paste into mods folder and run.

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Nov 16 2013, 1:41pm Anchor

I can't help you if I don't know what does the error reports. Run it in window mode and report back.

Dec 8 2013, 1:22pm Anchor

when i run in window, just crashes and no error repport or anything.

PS:also with v0.6

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Dec 8 2013, 1:25pm Anchor


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Dec 8 2013, 4:26pm This post has been deleted.
Dec 8 2013, 4:29pm Anchor


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Aug 25 2014, 12:24pm Anchor

okay so ive tryed some maps and some work and others instant crash.
the ones that work crash when i switch team.

Aug 25 2014, 1:30pm Anchor

Hmmm, does it crash on weapons with my aimpoint and kobra sight? Have you tried to play in window mode?

Nov 12 2014, 8:42am Anchor

It crashes for me when i try to play MEC maps. All other maps work. It crashes to desktop as soon as I select a spawnpoint and join the game.

Nov 13 2014, 2:13am Anchor

Run in windows mode and report back. Here in the first post you will find instructions.

Nov 25 2014, 9:55am Anchor
FoxFort wrote:Run in windows mode and report back. Here in the first post you will find instructions.

I created a new shortcut and followed the instructions. The game launches in windowed mode and when I load up an MEC map and deploy it crashes but it doesn't show me a new window with an error description..

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Nov 25 2014, 1:04pm Anchor

Have you tried the newer version of the patch?

Nov 26 2014, 2:40am Anchor
FoxFort wrote:Have you tried the newer version of the patch?

No, I'll try it when I get home. :)

Ok, I did a fresh reinstall of Global Storm and then I updated it with the latest update. However, MEC maps crash when loading now. Chinese maps are able to load but the game crashes as soon as I click the join game button. I installed the fix for crashing on joining but it has not helped. Any ideas?

Nov 29 2014, 11:37am Anchor

Can you give me info about your PC spec?

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