Gladiator is a mod in which you, the player, are pitted against numerous different monsters whos only goal is to eviscerate you. As you hack and slash your way through the monsters, you will gain experience and rise in levels, gaining more advanced weapons and armor, and at the same time facing increasingly deadlier opponents. Are you skilled enough to kill your opponents, or are you just another victim of the arenas? Features: * Play increasingly harder enemies. * Fight against the Amazon, Barbarian, Dwarf and Knight. * Fight the Salamander, which wasn't surfaced in the single player game. * A score board keeps track of your progress * Specify which enemies you do and do not want to fight. Then when you enter the arena, only the enemies you've selected will show up. * You can listen to your own music while playing * You can add custom levels to be used in Gladiator. If you are designing a level and want to add Gladiator support, look at sample.glad for instructions on how to...

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Prospero Arena III

Prospero Arena III

Jun 27, 2008 Full Version (13.15mb) 5 comments

New Characters and Monsters in this arena. Also new behaviour and AI. made by prospero.

Prospero Arena I

Prospero Arena I

Feb 7, 2008 Full Version (6.25mb) 2 comments

Done a complete revamp of ProsperoArena1 map. Now V1.1 The location is the same, although I have shut off the area to the rear. There are a few NPCs to...

Gladiator 1.03 with Addons 0.3a

Gladiator 1.03 with Addons 0.3a

Sep 8, 2005 Full Version (0.44mb) 2 comments

This file include the last version of Gladiator MOD for Severance: Blade of Darkness it also includes the Addons made by shyrka. See the readme for instructions...

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Released Sep 2002
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