SCENARIO In "Get a Life" you embody Alexander Zemlinsky, a subway technician suffering from leukaemia. Alex is not, unlike the protagonists in most games, an invincible super-soldier. But you wouldn't call him normal either, because there is something in his past that connects him with the events that are about to happen in the course of the story (we want to keep the suspense, so nothing more on that...). FEATURES * GaL will run on the latest version of the Source Engine, so that means you'll see HDR and the enhanced shadow system (as seen in HL2: Episode 1) in "Get a Life" as well * To give the player the best gaming experience possible, GaL will offer a custom HUD, an innovative healing system with several damage zones, drugs that will trigger a "bullet-time" effect, upgradeable weapons and enhanced enemy AI * About 11 hours of gameplay * 24 maps with varied environments * 61 characters * 13 weapons

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Sep 14th, 2012

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Aug 22nd, 2012

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Aug 21st, 2012

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Aug 19th, 2012

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Aug 1st, 2012

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Jul 24th, 2012

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