SCENARIO In "Get a Life" you embody Alexander Zemlinsky, a subway technician suffering from leukaemia. Alex is not, unlike the protagonists in most games, an invincible super-soldier. But you wouldn't call him normal either, because there is something in his past that connects him with the events that are about to happen in the course of the story (we want to keep the suspense, so nothing more on that...). FEATURES * GaL will run on the latest version of the Source Engine, so that means you'll see HDR and the enhanced shadow system (as seen in HL2: Episode 1) in "Get a Life" as well * To give the player the best gaming experience possible, GaL will offer a custom HUD, an innovative healing system with several damage zones, drugs that will trigger a "bullet-time" effect, upgradeable weapons and enhanced enemy AI * About 11 hours of gameplay * 24 maps with varied environments * 61 characters * 13 weapons

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noobman144 says

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The game itself was AMAZING, I've never played a mod with such atmosphere amazing job on it. But the ending made me sad, other then that 10/10

Although there are many technical problems and AI is simply crap, atmosphere and length of the mod deserves a hight note.

It's not mainly a horror mod. However, I LOVED the scenes ripped from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and this mod was able to give me the same feeling. Loneliness & survival.

Amazing immersion, incredible and highly detailed mapping, custom weapons, custom enemies and suspensefull storyline.

All around one of the very best Source mods.


sharktamer says

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I'd heard great things about this mod, but after playing I've been left extremely disapointed.

It starts off pretty strongly. The story is good from the beginning, different from the many "you are a nameless rebel" or "you are Gordon Freeman" mods. The action is broken up by interesting cut scenes, which progress the story as well as explaining the additional mechanics in the mod. It also introduces some nice new elements, including a very interesting health system, where you must heal different parts of your body that are damaged, as well as some nice custom weaponry.

These are really the only good things I can say about this mod. The common grunts are reskinned combine, which keep the combine voices, despite being unmasked. Friendly units have custom voice acting, which is frankly awful. However, these are minor problems which I could have easily dealt with.

It is very buggy, with the AI scripting of the enemies often messing up and different light sources throwing solid blocks of light that prevent the player from seeing anything beyond them. Even the custom health system is extremely tedious to use, if an enemy hits you and causes you to bleed, you will continue to lose health until the bleeding is stopped using a bandage. If you don't have any bandages, you're dead. This means you can be killed by a single bullet.

Once night falls, another shortcoming and very strange design choice will become apparent. For a while, you'll be left without any flashlight, which would be fine if the developers chose to remove it to help with dynamic lighting and a fear factor, except there are no fixed light sources and the most common enemy at this point are black spiders which are impossible to see in the dark or even dim lighting. A flashlight is found later on, but for some reason, the developers thought it would be a good idea to have the flashlight as a separate weapon. This means that you are unable to fire your weapon and light your surroundings at the same time.

An epic journey through many different environments, all whilst retaining an appropriate atmosphere for each area. From intense, to subtle creepiness, to hard horror, the developers know how to set the mood. The body part health system is also really original for a mod, and will make you think twice of how you use your dwindling supply of health packs for the body part you need the most. The storyline is also interesting, although I'll admit that it starts getting out of control near the end. However, it still delivers a satisfying experience from beginning to end and actually makes me want to replay it again, just because of how vast it was. There were a few issues, such as having the flashlight as a separate, equippable item similar to doom, but they do not completely break the game.

Not much a story here if that's what your looking for, which I usually am a person who is looking for a story (huge fan of Minerva), but this game is more of a run and gun that takes you through many different environments and enjoyable gameplay. I loved this mod almost as much as minerva, something I am a fan of is custom guns that mods create and this mod had plenty. The variety of enemies in this mod + the custom guns and amazing gameplay and environments are what give this mod a 10/10.


Many hours of game play, a lot of new stuff and features and good gameplay. Well done.


awesome man,keep up the good work ! And what was the meaning of the ending ? Please tell me. And why did I saw the eye of Sauron at the end of the game ? seem to be your guys are LOTR fan too !

It's playable - has awesome music, custom models, pretty interesting inventory with healing system, though the plot dissapointed me a little bit. Fighting was too rough sometimes, though this isn't suprising or weird 'cause healing system here is very similiar to one that fallout 3 has for example, although consequences of crippled limb for example were well... more realistic + it has some other stuff like bleeding out. It was one of the most advanced mod I played back in the day and I think it deserves to be played even though plot was dissapointing and sometimes stuff like healing materials were rare which was kind of annoying. I gotta replay it myself 'cause as you can deduce I played it sometime ago - 2011/2012ish. I wouldn't call this mod the best, but I wouldn't call it the worst either.

Enjoyable mod, awesome maps, pretty good weapon reskins, annoying when it throws more enemies at you than you can handle in a finite space.

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