The aim of this project is to be awesome, and you know what? it has succeeded. So do yourelf a favor and give your life a purpose such as "looking cool while playing C&C", download it, install it and enjoy this brand new modded life experience.

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Awesome mod! Great effects and particles! Awesome retextures and balances in the game.. Couldn't have done better!

Best mod for C&C:G and it's working juust fine with the ingame campaing, loadsafun although some units are OP as **** (tomahawk, Inferno Cannon). The cost kinda offsets it but still, insane range on those units.

The guard area is much wider which I love, and the AI seems to be using the infantry properly (cheap = zerg spam).

Absolutely love the new bullet effects for the machinegun units, that frikkin ratatatata on the ground makes my **** diamond hard.

My rating says it all...

Nice job Mr. Developer! Keep it up! Best mod to date.

Mod still has bugs here and there (missing strings, some buttons not working like the Drone upgrade in Intelligence center). Nevertheless this mod is still top notch!


Yup, 10/10 cuz this thing balance out the game, enhanced the graphics (my favourite part) and it's super simple to install/uninstall. Now superweapons are more like "super weapons" and the gameplay is enhanced, this is what Generals 2 should look like. (Talking to you EA :/)

Nice mode

i like that mod very much

nothing is perfect... so i give you 9... this mod awesome bro!

Fairly nice mod . A few things that need improvement , but is one of the best mods on this site for Generals . Adds near future aircraft for China and U.S.A. that makes this mod very interesting . Also has a graphics level beyond what most mods are capable of for a game this old . This mod could revive the Generals series by its interest factor and graphics quality . End rating : 9 out of 10



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