• Overall
    -Optimized and improved FXs.
    -Improved ALL upgrades and ALL special powers.
    -Improved locomotor of almost all units, projectiles and missiles.
    -Almost the 80% of the skins are new.
    -Fixed a lot of vanilla bugs.
    -Improved camera height and zoom.
    -A lot of realistic changes (for example infantry bleed and die instantly if hit by a tank shell or a missile, renamed some units to match RL counterparts, ecc...).
    -Optimized and improved OCLs.
    -Supply Docks, Supply Warehouse and Supply Piles contains more resources.
    -Supply boxes provide more money.
    -Oil Derrick provides 150$ every 8s, and a bonus of 1,500$ once captured.
    -Oil Refinery also provides 100$ every 14s, and a bonus of 500$ once captured.
    -Starting cash 20,000$ instead of 10,000$.
    -Improved AI (RVMECH’s – Almost Human AI v1.6 Scripts).
    -Improvement of water and terrain rendering.
    -Rebalanced units.
    -Rebalanced superweapons and special powers timers.
    -Changed cost, creation time and sight range of units and buildings.
    -New veterancy based upgrades.
    -Added 6 new selectable colors in the skirmish menu.
    -Revisited ranks and sciences system.
    -Now you can guard selected units (following them) and structures, by targetting them with the guard cursor.
    -New sound effects and voices for UI, structures and units.
    -Units don't shot anymore on dying infantry (poisoned and burned).
    -Added a death weapon for some units and buildings.
    -Additional alternate death effects for most of the units.
    -Jets (when are out of ammos) lose 2% of health pt. per second instead of 10%.
    -Airfield heals parked jets by 5% of health pt. per second instead of 10%.
    -Supply Centers and Supply Stash provide 20$ every 7s.
    -Better cursors.
    -Emergency Repairs heal building too.
    -Optimized the code: cleaned up, tweaked and improved a lot of stuff.

  • USA
    -New Special Power: "Carpet Bomb" (select it from the Strategy Center).
    -New Science: "Pilot Training".
    -New Unit: Sentry Drone.
    -New Unit: F35 Lightning.
    -New Unit: Behemoth Artillery.
    -New Unit: YF-23 Black Widow II.
    -New Upgrade: "Improved Payload", for the Comanche.
    -New Upgrade: "Improved Outer Tactical Vest", for Infantry.
    -New Upgrade: "Improved Hardware", for Patriot Missile System.
    -New Upgrade: "SR-X", for the Aurora.
    -New Upgrade: "Extra Fuel", for Jets.
    -New Upgrade: "Explosive Ammo", for Col. Burton.
    -New Upgrade: "Exoskeleton", for Infantry.
    -New Upgrade: "Impulse Apparatus", for Crusader.
    -Improved Para-Dop.
    -Improved lifetime and power of the Particle Uplink Cannon beam.
    -Improved Strategy Center gun.
    -Power Plant now generate 8 energy (+4). Vanilla was 5 (+5).
    -Chinooks collect 4 supply boxes (in less time) instead of 8 boxes, and take damage if they land on mines.
    -Department of Defense provides 60$ every 5s.
    -Col.Burton now has a grenade launcher ability.
    -Pilots can now climb cliffs.
    -Battledrone gets a laser weapon instead of a minigun.
    -Paladin's laser doesn't attack missiles anymore but now does with infantry and vehicles.
    -Stealth Fighter can tell if it has been locked by enemy units, and uses bombs instead of missiles.
    -Now Crusaders are double barreled tanks.
    -Tomahawk Launcher now fires 2 missiles and benefits from Composite Armor Upgrade too.
    -Improved Ambulance, in a small radius heals vehicles too.
    -Missile Defenders too can rappel down from the Chinooks.
    -Scaled down Supply Center, Warfactory, Power Plant and Airfield.
    -USA structures no longer autoheal.
    -A lot of other changes (really too much to be mentioned), enjoy them in the gameplay. ^_^

  • GLA
    -New Special Power: "Tactical Toxic Nuke" (replace "Anthrax Bomb" which is now selectable from Palace after purcheasing the respective science).
    -New Special Power: "Terror Cell".
    -New Unit: Supply Truck.
    -New Upgrade: "Corrosive Warhead", for Tunnel Defenders.
    -New Upgrade: "Antidote", for Infantry.
    -New Upgrade: "Reinforced Cargo Plates".
    -New Anthrax Bomb, mixed with acid, now have a corrosive effect.
    -Scud Storm missiles release a corrosive field upon detonation.
    -The Scorpion can be upgraded with salvage upgrade, and now has a rocket filled with acid.
    -"Camouflage" upgrade now affects RPG Troops too.
    -Improved Marauder salvage upgrades, now it's also able to move the turret.
    -"Toxin Shell" upgrade will provide acid tank shell for the Marauders.
    -Poison doesn't affect vehicles anymore, acid does.
    -Now Terrorists explode. Literally.
    -JarmenKell detects stealth units in a small radius, plants bombs, climbs cliffs and swims.
    -Rocket Buggy starts with 8 missile instead of 6.
    -Scorpions fire by default tank shell that release toxins upon detonation.
    -Now stinger soldiers (those who stay inside the stinger site) gain experience.
    -Black Market gives 80$, instead of 20$, every 6s.
    -Changed "Buggy Ammo" upgrade into "Galvanized Layer".
    -Demo Traps release toxins upon detonation.
    -A lot of other changes (really too much to be mentioned), enjoy them in the gameplay. ^_^

  • China
    -New Special Power: "Radioactive Strike" (select it from the Airfield after purcheasing the respective science).
    -New Science: "Cyber Training".
    -New Special Ability: "Hack Satellite".
    -New Unit: RAD Trooper.
    -New Unit: MiG 1.44.
    -New Unit: MiG-29.
    -New Unit: Armored Scout.
    -New Unit: Siege Soldier.
    -New Upgrade: "Tempered Plates", for the Battlemaster.
    -"Red Guard Training" is now "Red Army Training" and promote Tank Hunters too.
    -"EMP Pulse" special power converted in "Neutron Bomb".
    -Inferno Cannon has now triple barreled.
    -Tank Hunters now use kerosene missiles.
    -Vanilla MiGs are now MiGs-35.
    -Greatly improved the Nuclear Missile: it can wipe a greater area where not even the gla holes remain.
    -Improved "Artillery Barrage": now fires explosive shells, incendiary shells, nuclear shells.
    -Overlord is now a quad-barrels tank.
    -Battlemaster has now an additional anti-personnel cannon.
    -Bunkers contain 6 infantry instead of 5, it has also been scaled up.
    -Scaled down Supply Center, Supply Truck and Overlord.
    -Supply Trucks collect 6 boxes instead of 5.
    -Troop Crawler comes with a speaker tower, added also the assault command button.
    -Hacker gives you more money but they're harder to train.
    -Nerfed the healing ability of the propaganda messages.
    -Replaced the Gattling Cannon defence model with a fortified one, same goes for the Bunker's.
    -Propaganda Towers can be upgraded with Land Mines like all other Chinese structures.
    -Propaganda Center gives 40$ every 4s.
    -Changed "Chain Guns" upgrade into "Uranium Bullets".
    -A lot of other changes (really too much to be mentioned), enjoy them in the gameplay. ^_^

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RSS Files
General Enhanced version 0.3

General Enhanced version 0.3

Full Version 36 comments

For the changelog and installation instructions read the "HEY ! READ ME !.txt" file inside the archive. Enjoy the game, bye bye ^_^

General Enhanced version 0.2 Beta

General Enhanced version 0.2 Beta

Full Version 8 comments

For the changelog read the *readme* file inside the archive or the *summary* on the main page of the mod. Enjoy the game, bye bye ^_^

General Enhanced version 0.1 Final Mix

General Enhanced version 0.1 Final Mix

Full Version 26 comments

Finally a Full 0.1 version, for the changelog read the *readme* file inside the archive or the *summary* on the main page of the mod. Enjoy the game...

General Enhanced version 0.1 Release Candidate

General Enhanced version 0.1 Release Candidate

Full Version 8 comments

Despite the lack of time in this particular period of my life, I was able to mod a little bit. Here's an RC version, for the changelog read the readme...

General Enhanced version 0.1 Beta

General Enhanced version 0.1 Beta

Full Version 11 comments

Hope you enjoy this small preview, these days I wasn't sick so I was able to mod a bit. Offcourse new and improved versions will be out in the future...

General Enhanced version 0.1 Alpha

General Enhanced version 0.1 Alpha

Full Version 24 comments

Hope you enjoy this small preview, these days I wasn't sick so I was able to mod a bit. Offcourse new and improved versions will be out in the future...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 451)

please, remove 2 cannons from the Overlord. make it only 2 look best enough. otherwise it still have more weapons to upgrade like minigun....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hi,RequiemLux, I found a bug in verson 0.3. some of GLA units like Technical doesn't have shadow on the ground (not all models). can you fix it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RequiemLux Creator

I have a long list of bugs and whatnot, I've already solved half of them. Probably sometime next weeks I'll look into that too

Reply Good karma+1 vote


Am a fan for your mod, haven't played it for a long time however, will be planning to do so. I've been wondering if I could create a fan-add on with a better scripted refined AI. Just need your permission to do so.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
RequiemLux Creator

Sure thing you can! ^^ this is funny; actually it's the other way around, I need your permission.
I'll explain: I've been searching for an AI scripter for ages, and I'd really love to see something like this... Plus, if what you'll create is going to be a better option than the current AI script (RVMECH’s – Almost Human AI v1.6), I'd be very happy if you could grant me the permission to eventually make it the official AI for the mod

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Sure, when I get my hand on my computer I should be able to do so. I've been meaning to script with vanilla WorldBuilder for such a long time ( ZH is okay , but buggy nonetheless).

I probably need to play a few games with the recent patch to get the hang of any new changes. ( I think I played Vo.2 Las time.

Is there any restrictions or can I go wild ? :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RequiemLux Creator

I don't have specific guidelines so I'll just tell you what I don't like of the current script:

General problems:
- Often units just keep sitting in the base for very long period of time just waiting for a supeweapon to wipe them all.
- After a Command Center is destroyed it is never rebuilt.
- Despite infantry tends to garrison much more than it does in vanilla, it's still a bit less than hoped.
- AI doesn't built more than 1 superweapon. (this is irritating almost exclusively in the case you're plying against USA)
- AI doesn't use new units, upgrades, special powers. (but for now this complaint has a minor priority in my eyes)

USA problems:
- Aircraft are underused.
- Too much Chinooks sent gathering resources.
- USA Normal and Hard army are just too incompetent.
- USA AI likes to draw the classic "S" with the Uplink Cannon without using it more efficiently.
- I may be wrong on this one but Missile Defenders + Humvee seems to not be a thing for AI.
- Ambulance is never used.

GLA problems:
- Demo traps are built too close with each other and a bit underused.
- Buggys are underused.
- Technicals are a bit overused.
- Terrorist seems to not use carbombs.

China problems:
- Cluster Mines drops inside or just a few steps outside own base.

Surely there are other issues but right now they didn't come to mind yet.
These are some of the things I don't like about the current AI but I don't know what can actually be changed or must be changed; so I'll leave all the decision regarding this matter in your hands. Do as you please and as you see fit, go wild if you prefer, just avoid situation where excessive lag occur. I don't know how you'll proceed but even "just" improving a bit the current script would be a wonderful gift

Reply Good karma+1 vote

GLA Problems :

1/ Unfixable. Only thing I can do is not let them build more than one trap per front.
2/ Easy Fix, I can even get the AI to micro buggies to hit and run.
3/ Easy Fix, adjust Attack Teams. I can even make the AI use terror technical attacks.
4/ Hoo-boy that's a complex one. not sure if I will be able to pull it off.

China Problems :

1/ Unfixable :(

My Own Edits:

1/ I can get the AI to build bigger bases, more factories and be generally a lot more punishing than the generic one.

2/ I can clean up scripts and make them better optimized to reduce general lag. ( a lot of scripts are checked per frame, all I need to do is make that into seconds)

3/ I can get the AI to use 90% of its arsenal.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

USA Problems :
1/ Very Easy fix , just need to optimize Airjet behavior, and to force them to constantly attack rather than wait every 4 minutes to go for a bombing run. Can also add more airfields built to emulate USA's airpower. Can also script Raptors to target tanks, Stealth Fighters on defenses, and Auroras on base buildings and power as a first priority.

2/ Reduction in supply collector number in the AI.INI, easy fix.

3/ Easy Fix, Revamp Attack teams to be more aggressive and better with improved attack target priorities.

4/ Unfixable. Hard Codded unfortunately.

5/ Yeah Transports with the AI is alittle bit wonky. Not sure I can make it use the HumveeMD combo effectively but will try.

6/ Ambulance have no weaponset, hence why they aren't effective for the AI to use.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Right I'll comment on the things that I can do :

For the general Problems :
1/ Easy fix for the first point, EA's attack scripts are a complete mess. The whole Attack Wave number system is pretty inefficient and forces units to clutter up. It's an easy fix if I re-do the Attack System from scratch.

2/ Script needs to be added to check if a player has zero Command Centers, to rebuild its own. Easy Fix.

3/ Build list needs to be edited, placing coordinates for extra superweapons in the AI.INI and then scripting the AI to build more superweapons. Perhaps a set of 2/3/4 respectively should be enough to make a fun challenge. I just need to add a timer delay per strike so that they wont use all the SWs on the same target.

4/ Am assuming you didn't really touch the RVMECH's scripts, that's why they don't use the new stuff. Easy Fix, they just need new orders accordingly.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RequiemLux Creator

All of this sounds amazing! Thank you for the in-depth point of view and yes, I didn't touch the RVMECH's scripts, I just edited some lines in the AI.ini but that was so long ago that I don't even remember what I edited. I don't want you to worry too much about what you think is not easy to fix/improve; what you labeled as easy fixes and the optimizing of current scripts are already a huge improvement! Thank you ^^

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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Wonderful! a Command & Conquer Generals mod.
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Nov 21 2010 by Madin

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