Gekokujo is a mod for Mount and Blade Warband set in the Sengoku period of Japan. The name is a term often translated as "the low-ranked taking over from the high" and was chosen because it was a running theme during that era: Oda Nobunaga descended from a clan of deputies to the nominal governor of their province, but the Oda usurped them and toppled their neighbors; Toyotomi Hideyoshi began his career as a cook and sandal bearer and ended up the ruler of Japan; Tokugawa Ieyasu was an upstart who probably fabricated a claim of descent from the Minamoto clan--the only ones allowed to be granted the title of Shogun. As a player of Gekokujo, you will start from nothing and attempt to gain control of the entire country, making the title fitting.

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I don't really know what to say; The mod, of what I've seen so far, is so well made and polished that I can't believe I can't directly donate to the mod authors for the tremendous amount of work that went into this mod, because they truly deserve it.

I don't know if it had been asked before, but now I really wish to see an expansion to this mod, like the end of the Shogunate period and the resulting Boshin Wars that lead to the Meiji Restoration.

This mod is awesome!!! It is very immersive, contains proper lore, and you get to play as a samurai!!! And the asian faces. You never see those. Which is why, this mod gets 10/10 in my view, due to it's perfect immersion, yet allows fun gameplay.

A fantastic mod!
- Has the best siege's out of all M&B mods out there!
- Complete lack of shields make sword play more potent
- Ranged units are not as OP as the used to be. Swords will be the way forward
- Wonderful models

I wish this mod would be updated to include better diplomacy and more features

I searched for something similar to this mod on a whim and to say that i was overjoyed to find and play it would discredit the pent-up fun i've finally managed to eke out of Mount and Blade : Warband's bland setting.

Better still, the mod's developer is still set at filing and smoothing its edges, alongside adding new and comprehensive content. As the 3.1 preview shows, things can only get better.

Cheers to phlpp, for his fine work, and for the joy i've had from it.

Its a really good mod,with a a lot of troop types(altough very similar to each other) but if you enlist then revolt and you fail,you're gonna have a hard time on creating your own faction as you will be at war with almost all factions(unless you spend all the time in making quests for the Great Lords to improve relations).

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Rated 10/10 for mods great concept and the fact that the modder is doing all this alone and still manages to release patches and full versions. Also rated 10/10 to further motivate my fellow modder colleague and to show my respect and liking for his work.

about the closest thing you can get to playing Shogun 2 Total War as one of the soldiers. This mod is a template for how all Mount and Blade Mods should be made, with attention to detail...!

Just awesome it's like playing Shogun Total War, but instead of being a spectator/general, you're just another warrior on the battlefield, also the atmosphere is really well done, it really makes you fit in the role of a samurai, it's your choice if you want to become a wanderer justicier, a faithful servant or a great daimyo, this is definitely one of the best mods I've ever played in M&B Warband.

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