Gekokujo is a mod for Mount and Blade Warband set in the Sengoku period of Japan. The name is a term often translated as "the low-ranked taking over from the high" and was chosen because it was a running theme during that era: Oda Nobunaga descended from a clan of deputies to the nominal governor of their province, but the Oda usurped them and toppled their neighbors; Toyotomi Hideyoshi began his career as a cook and sandal bearer and ended up the ruler of Japan; Tokugawa Ieyasu was an upstart who probably fabricated a claim of descent from the Minamoto clan--the only ones allowed to be granted the title of Shogun. As a player of Gekokujo, you will start from nothing and attempt to gain control of the entire country, making the title fitting.

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best mod for anyone who is a fan of kenjutsu and kendo!!! Kendo practitioner here!!!!!!!

Fantastic mod.
Brilliant map, great soundtrack, fantastic units weapons and very visualy appealing. Its very well put together, I dont know much about the history of the time, but it seems convincing in its accuracy. And samurai warfare is just brilliant. Although the lack of sheilds in that historic time period does my head in slightly and archers will annoy the hell out of you until you get some heavy armour. Maybe some ability to place strategecy static sheilds across battles would be beneficial. Good trading system as well.

Love this mod so much!! Thank you for making it.(My bad I couldn't vote 9+ Newbie but I'd given you a 10/10)

Fantastic to say the least, I will put it at 10 but there is a bug;
It is a script error i think to do with freelancer that won't go away!I understand that marty is going to fix this in the next patch so yeah.
could you maybe add more armour colours like helmets and shoes etc.
other than that, this is the best mod ever keep up the good work!

There are some error that poping out "lord_get_home_center", would be great if see more head armor with diffirent colors, expect that everything is great. AI works fine, weapons there are so many of them, castles...they are simple amazing. Keep it going people.

Very fun, played it for hours. The mod has very unique features unlike many mods I've seen. Very enjoyable. I highly recommend you download this mod!

The costumes for NPC's are very good and shiny :). More that that i like the thing that i can fight as a simple soldier not as a capitain :)

love the mod, love the relism and details.


no words.....i can only say GREAT MOD

Among the untold multitude of WB mods, this one shines like a beacon for everyone who enjoys seeing quality work. In short, a labour of love!

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