Gekokujo is a mod for Mount and Blade Warband set in the Sengoku period of Japan. The name is a term often translated as "the low-ranked taking over from the high" and was chosen because it was a running theme during that era: Oda Nobunaga descended from a clan of deputies to the nominal governor of their province, but the Oda usurped them and toppled their neighbors; Toyotomi Hideyoshi began his career as a cook and sandal bearer and ended up the ruler of Japan; Tokugawa Ieyasu was an upstart who probably fabricated a claim of descent from the Minamoto clan--the only ones allowed to be granted the title of Shogun. As a player of Gekokujo, you will start from nothing and attempt to gain control of the entire country, making the title fitting.

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Well playable : not too easy, not too hard to play, good graphics, good scenes, in other words, wonderful !!!

good job guys and well done !

Most badass and accurate mod of the Sengoku period I've seen. Not that many variety in units(cept in name) but hell everything else makes up for the sheer monstrosity this mod is. However I think the other lord's armies could use a bit more Calvary units their armies because literally I just had all my retainers in my army be upgraded to Mounted units and they would literally steamroll the enemy and I had it on hard difficulty (sieging a castle a different matter but once ya have a crapload of Elite Nagintana monks and elite gunners and archers enemy is screwed either way).

Not bad, not bad. Pretty good, but not on par with some of the other mods out there. But all in all, well done.


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I really liked the game at first but then wnen i read about japanese history and then that make me feel lil' strange :/ You gotta put traditional japanese music not anime rocks and change the loading screens,oh and change that anime girl with something like this but all above that the game is great!

Great map - great units - only abit dull!

A simply amazing, broad mod that takes place in a much more interesting setting than vanilla Warband.


You must add monasteries like Hiei, with furious sohei, who can help to player faction if they got the highest relations.

My favourite mod of all, works great on my old pc, I love the companions and it's set in my favorite historical period/place...

This is surely one of the best mods for M&B warband. Not only does it implement feudal Japan successfully into the game, but it also adds features loved by mod fans such as a nice and stable economy system.

FINALLY a samurai mod for Warband! This is a cool depiction of Sengoku period of feudal Japan, the mod balances realism and gameplay nicely without making "too" many concessions in historical accuracy. There are only a few rough edges to be smoothed out and details to be added that could make this mod an easy 10/10

I love playing this mod and I get the feeling (I hope) there's more to come :)

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