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WARNING: It may take a very long time to start up a new game (that it looks like it must have crashed) because of the number of factions in play. I am working on improving startup time, but while that is still not fixed, I suggest starting a new game in windowed mode to allow you to do something else while it starts up. Once your new character is made, you can save it and restore full-screen mode -- starting a new game takes a long time, but loading an existing save is as quick as normal Mount and Blade.

This is meant for the latest version of Warband, 1.158

Like my work? Buy me a drink*!
*It'll more likely be used to buy history books, because I'm a huge nerd

If you have an old version -- delete it first! 3.0 will overwrite all old files as necessary, but it will leave a few behind that are no longer used.

3.0 comes in two versions: a self-extracting installer that auto-detects your warband directory and a .rar for power users who know what they're doing.

If you have the installer, just run it and follow the instructions.

If you have the .rar, extract it into your modules directory.

Gekokujo is a mod for Mount and Blade Warband set in the Sengoku period of Japan. The name is a term often translated as "the low-ranked taking over from the high" and was chosen because it was a running theme during that era: Oda Nobunaga descended from a clan of deputies to the nominal governor of their province, but the Oda usurped them and toppled their neighbors; Toyotomi Hideyoshi began his career as a cook and sandal bearer and ended up the ruler of Japan; Tokugawa Ieyasu was an upstart who probably fabricated a claim of descent from the Minamoto clan--the only ones allowed to be granted the title of Shogun. As a player of Gekokujo, you will start from nothing and attempt to gain control of the entire country, making the title fitting.

A little note on the in-game names of equipment and NPCs: My priority is to make the mod intuitive for all players, not just historical enthusiasts, so gratuitous Japanese is avoided, unless the English equivalent is even more cumbersome or somehow less informative. You will also meet "Lord Tokugawa", not "Daimyo Tokugawa Ieyasu" -- in Native mount and blade, lords only had one name (although their given names, not their surnames or house names), and "Daimyo _" isn't accurate usage anyway, since it's not how anyone would have addressed them. The mod tries to be accurate with regards to the general conditions of the time, but deliberately ignores particulars as a design decision. "Lord Oda" represents Nobunaga, but isn't really him. Gekokujo is not a historical simulation, but not because I believe it detracts from gameplay or enjoyment--so although it won't be perfect, I am not going out of my way to flout history and accuracy.

Current Features
- New map of Japan with more than double the playable area of Native, from Kyushu in the south to Ezo (Hokkaido) in the north
- 32 towns (10 more than native!), 75 castles (28 more than native!!), and 164 villages (54 more than native!!!)
- New village, castle, town, tavern, and many other scenes- Historically-appropriate names for towns (Tokyo was still Edo, Osaka was still Sakai, and Fukuoka was still Hakata back then)
- New weapons, armor, trade goods, flags, and other details appropriate for the time and place
- Gunpowder weapons and gunpowder units
- New faces and hairs, including 6 base asian male and 4 base asian female faces
- 20 factions (19 samurai clans plus the Ikko-Ikki movement of monks, peasants, and samurai volunteers)
- Tested for stability and consistency so that it has, at minimum, the playability level of Native
- Town and castle recruitment (villages for ashigaru, towns and castles for samurai, temple fortresses for monks)
- Bodyguards for interior scenes (requires NPC companions and high-enough reknown or nobility)
- Tweaked startup scripts to increase variety in new games (such as the relationships of noble lords and ladies with each other)
- Integrated Freelancer mod (ask to serve a samurai lord as a direct retainer and participate in all their battles)
- Integrated Diplomacy mod (many, many features -- look them up separately)
- 22 npcs will full-fledged backstories
- Many, many more!

Upcoming Features
- Improved graphics
- Better warcries
- Localizations in many languages
- A religion system
- Parallel faction systems for merchants and bandits, meant to complement each other and the territorial lords
- More quests (with many based on the merchant, bandit, and religious factions)
- A proper endgame with a Korean campaign (long shot)

This is a one-man operation by me, marty4286 (also sometimes phlpp), but I relied a lot on freely-available community resources, including:

Diplomacy Mod 4.2
Bogmir's Samurai Weapons OSP (two bows, two arrow quivers, and two yari spears)
Iboltax's Improved Male Faces OSP
Runico's Katanas (ironically enough, for the "chinese" weapons)
Caba`drin's Bodyguard Code
Caba`drin's Pre-Battle Orders Kit
SacredStoneHead's Samurai Armor (gauntlets and 1 helmet mesh, retextured)
Llew's Flintlock Firearms OSP
Shcherbyna's Map Icons
Psiphoon's Katana Animations
gutekfiutek's Polished Landscapes
... with Delzaros's fixes for Warband 1.15x
Zephilinox's Mouselook Death Camera
NaglFaar's Join Any Side Tweak
jrider's Forage skill
motomataru's campaign AI tweaks

Special thanks to Rosslington for the launcher pic
Special thanks to Rathmor for his placeholder ainu clothing textures. He also submitted many pieces of music
Special thanks to khamukkamu for several music submissions
Special thanks to Jacobhinds, unkowned, matmohair1, and others for ideas and support
Extra special thanks to Moetic Justice for his music submission

Several people tested 3.0 for bugs, but please give special thanks to:

everyone from the 'dp
Sengoku Sushi
son of hojo
Don Zekalone

If I forgot anyone, and you notice, please remind me so I can give proper credit. I modifed almost everything I borrowed. Everything I modified and created is also available free to use in your own works, with no permission required (just credit me in a readme like this, and also the original creator if it was just a modification of mine and not an original creation).

The module system code is included with this release. This is for people who know what they are doing -- I will direct most coding questions to the taleworlds modding forums, unless it's a question specific to the code of Gekokujo rather than coding in general.

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16 comments by marty4286 on Jun 12th, 2014

Gekokujo 3.0 Full RAR file
Gekokujo 3.0 Full RAR file

Gekokujo 3.0 Full Installer
Gekokujo 3.0 Full Installer

I worked hard on it, so first and foremost I hope you have fun. It has all-new music, a more detailed map, many more weapons, armor, and clothing, and a new mid-game option called "Forts" -- a type of conquerable settlement halfway between a bandit camp and a full-fledged castle.

Gekokujo 3.0 ScreenshotsGekokujo 3.0 Screenshots
Gekokujo 3.0 ScreenshotsGekokujo 3.0 Screenshots
Gekokujo 3.0 ScreenshotsGekokujo 3.0 Screenshots

Here's the changelog:

Version 3.0 Changes
- All-new and more immersive music
- Rewrote the opening mission to be more morally ambigious, in order to set the tone (you'll see)
- Ranged ashigaru now spawn a ratio of gunners and archers rather than just one or the other. ranged samurai remain the same
- Your freelancer-assigned weapons are now taken away on defeat (your loot remains)
- Added a quest to return to your lord after freelancer army is defeated
- Added ability to request for promotion from ashigaru to samurai in freelancer with enough renown and relationship
- Added agents/ninja -- crude and limited for now (they only help you open castle walls)
- AI now form basic formations in battle -- not quite like other mods, but should be slightly improved over vanilla
- Added limited seafaring (sea routes are restricted) and new sea battle maps based on relative army sizes
- Added "forts" -- self-contained castles/hideouts with no income but free storage and recruitables

- Added the last of the 1.143 -> 1.153 fixes I missed
- Added the code that turned 1.153 -> 1.158
- Frequent lord_get_home_center errors are now fixed
- Added Zephilinox's mouse-controlled death camera
- Tweaked campaign AI to generate more aggression and war
- In addition to own tweaks, also added a few of motomataru's campaign tweaks
- Increased the reinforcement rate to handle the increased death rate
- Added forage skill (replaced block skill)

- Rebalanced player enterprises
- Fixed typos EVERYWHERE (but they'll never go away)
- Changed text descriptions and word choices in order to sound less medieval European
- Constable is now Army Inspector, Chamberlain is now Treasurer, and Chancellor is Administrator
- Characters that were "(Name)-sensei" are now "Master (Name)"
- Doubled food unit amounts and consequently also the food weights
- Rebalanced lord reinforcements
- Samurai troops now cost 33% more in upkeep than Ashigaru
- Reduced loot spam (clothes, weak weapons)
- Retitled book names to have their in-game affected skill
- Changed the Kanazawa/Ikko start to Hirosaki/Nanbu (makes more sense considering new start quest)
- What were once called ronin troops are now called hirelings
- What were once called metsuke are now called ronin
- "Farmer" is now "Peasant Man" for symmetry with "Peasant Woman"
- Map icons are now slightly smaller to make the map look bigger
- Tournaments are now smaller affairs (2 teams of 4 maximum)
- Replaced Xerina, Dranton, and Kradus with several historical and fictional samurai in tournaments
- All loadouts are now possible in all tournaments
- Horses no longer spawn in practice arenas
- Revised trade goods slightly
- Fixed "vengeful" relationship at 90+
- Allows joining any side of an encountered battle
- Kiso horses are now only available to buy in Takeda lands
- Added placeholder Ainu clothes, armor, and weapons (thanks, Rathmor!)
- Party sizes are now: +30 base, +1 per 10 renown, +5 per Leadership, +1 per Charisma, +20 for faction leaders, +20 for faction strategists, and +10 per walled center (town/castle)
- Prisoner size bonus of +1 per 10 troops in your army (+5 per skill is untouched)
- Monk character background is now male-only (not historically accurate, just for balance)
- New Miko character background for female characters
- Fixed weapon and skill assignments for upper class women
- Character creation now grants firearms skills correctly
- Added ability to enable the cheat menu from the camp menu for laptop users

- Imahama is renamed to Nagahama whenever Oda take it. Renamed back if Asakura take it. Everyone else keeps whatever name they took it over with
- Lord and Lady appearances are now defined rather than random
- So many more lords have their historical banners
- So many fief reassignments, holy hell
- Asakura clan now get half of the old Oda territory. Good luck, guys
- Daughters and unmarried sisters are now more common. Good luck, guys
- Changed lady names to either historical or period-appropriate names. I realized I did not want my own characters to marry a goddamn Touhou, I wanted them to marry Lady Kaede from Ran. Good luck, guys.
- Added Lord Kakizaki as a vassal of the Nanbu, who controls the only castle in Ezo (Hokkaido)
- Kaga Ikki are now called Ikko Ikki because they now have territories outside of Kaga
- Ikko Ikki monks are recruited from temple fortresses and Kanazawa, Ikko samurai volunteers from castles, and villagers from villages -- they now have the most varied troop tree
- Village recruits are now named after regions rather than clans, but all other troop names remain the same. This is to emphasize their initial loyalty to the land rather than their lord
- Oda and Tokugawa now start as formal allies. RIP everyone
- What was once the Urakami clan is now the Ukita clan. What the hell was I thinking

- Much more detailed map, with so many new rivers, lakes, and islands. Less bland, I hope
- Added a few islands that can be reached via sea travel that have imporatant things on them
- Maybe someday I will add Korea near Tsushima (don't count on it)
- Several towns, castles, and villages have been renamed and moved around for better balance
- Some villages and castles are now also named after famous battle sites
- Added Ishiyama Honganji, Jogu-ji, and Nagashima as buddhist temple fortresses (for the Ikko)
- Added a pass to allow the Hojo and Uesugi to touch each other. Takeda should now die more slowly

- Bandit camps now spawn properly (whoops)
- Woku pirates now have guns rather than bows. RIP
- Greatly increased bandit activity in general. RIP
- Some bandit activity is based around the forts (see above). They will stop temporarily if you burn them down or permanently if you conquer them.
- Most of the bandit types have been renamed and re-equipped
- Bandit locations have changed as well

- Adjusted personalities of companions for when they become lords
- Renamed certain companions to be less obnoxious about videogame references
- Changed their backgrounds as well. Sorry, sorry
- New option to remove the *consequences* of companion interactions with each other (Camp -> Gekokujo-Specific Options -> Disable ). They still bicker and whine to you about it, however.
- Changed the name and backstory of some pretenders
- The faction name now changes when certain pretenders win (Tokugawa -> Imagawa for example)

- New swords, spears, blunt weapons, knives, bows, and so on (just look at shop inventories!)
- There are now 6 tiers of bows and 5 tiers of guns
- Gunshot sound variety and improved gunshot sounds
- Better gunsmoke
- Added an anime sword, because I can
- Added shurikens

- Improved kasa textures and added faction jingasa
- Jingasa now come in 3 shapes
- Added egawa trim to high class armors
- Changed the strap of the hara-ate armor to be less conspicuous
- Changed the underclothes of the low class armors to be less ugly
- Added a few new chest armor types (including nanban and yukinoshita) and a looot of new helmets
- Tekko now come in multiple colors and the tiers make more sense
- Jinbaori are now separate from armor and can be combined with anything you want (looks weird on clothes)

- Improved hakama models and improved textures overall
- Added proper kimono sleeves to everything
- More pattern variety to women's clothing
- Added tabi-only footwear for indoor use (the NPCs switch to them automatically)
- New monk and agent headwraps

- Changed launcher pic to one created by Rosslington
- Female player characters now have a more appropriate infantry icon on the world map
- Added 3 new Asian faces
- Modified female armor morphs to be more bulky
- Mostly new male and female hairs
- New arena scene!
- New prison scene!
- New mansion raid scene
- New town scenes with new architectural styles
- New temple scenes and props
- Sashimono are now polearms that you can't wield (add them to any armor!)
- Sashimono have 5 different shapes and sizes
- New default crests for heraldic sashimono
- Factions have their own ashigaru and samurai sashimono (officers have heraldic sashimono)
- Loading screens are now minimalist (only one figure rather than three)

Known Bugs
- Heraldic sashimono sometimes do not trigger properly (solid color)
- Certain lords with custom jinbaori do not have indoor clothing (and are thus naked)
- There are still one or two references to medieval europe in the dialogue that were missed
- A couple of the arrow flight meshes are oversized
(These aren't the only known bugs, these are the only known bugs that consistently happen)

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Gekokujo 3.0 Full RAR file

Gekokujo 3.0 Full RAR file

Jun 11, 2014 Full Version 31 comments

This is the full 3.0 version of the mod as a rar file, as an alternative to the installer. Don't get this unless you know what you're doing. Extract to...

Gekokujo 3.0 Full Installer

Gekokujo 3.0 Full Installer

Jun 11, 2014 Full Version 38 comments

This is the mod Gekokujo v3.0, the latest full version, for Mount & Blade: Warband v1.158. The file itself is a self-extracting installer that should...

[OLD] Gekokujo 2.1a Full RAR file

[OLD] Gekokujo 2.1a Full RAR file

Apr 21, 2013 Full Version 29 comments

This is the full 2.1a version of the mod as a rar file, as an alternative to the installer. Don't get this unless you know what you're doing. Extract...

[OLD] Gekokujo 2.1a Full Installer

[OLD] Gekokujo 2.1a Full Installer

Apr 21, 2013 Full Version 20 comments

This is the mod Gekokujo v2.1a, the latest full version, for Mount & Blade: Warband v1.154. The file itself is a self-extracting installer that should...

[OLD] Gekokujo Patch 2.1 to 2.1a

[OLD] Gekokujo Patch 2.1 to 2.1a

Apr 21, 2013 Patch 1 comment

This is a tiny fix to address two important bugs: one regarding faction diplomacy, and the other freelancer integration. Extract its contents into your...

[OLD] Gekokujo 2.1 Full Installer

[OLD] Gekokujo 2.1 Full Installer

Apr 19, 2013 Full Version 6 comments

*This has now been superseded by version 2.1a* This is the mod Gekokujo v2.1, for Mount & Blade: Warband v1.154. The file itself is a self-extracting...

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Nirvana9 Nov 14 2014, 9:47am says:

I have a question, is there anyway I can put the game in japanese, couse I´m studying japanese and it would go more with the game.
By the way great job, this is my favorite mod.

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Guest Nov 20 2014, 8:56pm replied:

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Nirvana9 Nov 21 2014, 10:26am replied:


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zmjm1320 Nov 10 2014, 12:14am says:

Love the mod, but does anyone know of a submod that removes firearms? I really hate getting randomly popped for 75 dmg in the face. A gunfree version would make me super happy.

+1 vote     reply to comment
cuccibro Nov 9 2014, 8:28pm says:

can someone please tell me what happens to the start quest merchant? after the tutorial quest he tells me to visit him often and that he will always be in the inn. but i go back there and hes no where to be seen. where did he go?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Kaiser-Wilhelm Nov 10 2014, 4:25pm replied:

I cant find him too..

+1 vote     reply to comment
aleksandarjordevski Nov 5 2014, 9:50am says:

Awesome mode man! I spent days and days enjoing it :D P.S. Will there be any new updates soon, like new quests, religion or that Korean campaign you mentioned?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Kaiser-Wilhelm Nov 4 2014, 11:16am says:

Are you going to add the aino for hokkaido? That would be awesome!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Borosev Oct 31 2014, 5:29pm says:

This is a pretty good mod, also something certainly suited for people interested in the period. I like this mod, but I just can't keep myself interested that much, its just me though, i'm not saying this is a bad mod at all, infact i'd recommend it.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lady_Valien Oct 31 2014, 3:27pm says:

Dose the Mod have Roinn? I love Roinn!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Borosev Oct 31 2014, 5:26pm replied:

Do you mean Ronin? if so yea, they act similar to Manhunters in native.

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