CHAPTER 2 IS IN DEVELOPMENT! You're Gary. You recently got invited to a party by your close friend Nicholas. The party is hosted by a man named Thomas, who you hardly know anything about except that he's one of Nicholas friends. Later at the party, you're having a blast! The party is great, but maybe a little to great since you passed out after having a little to much to drink. While your asleep, thanks to some terrible nightmares, you wake up in the middle of the night, and notice that something's not right...

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10 kuba371

Jun 2nd, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't


dealerkiller says
10 dealerkiller

May 27th, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't

nice mod, dude!

M3TYC45H says
10 M3TYC45H

May 25th, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't

Epica Porco Dio!

TheUnbeholden says
8 TheUnbeholden

Mar 6th, 2013 0 people agree 1 person doesn't

I liked so many things about this but then there are some rather obvious flaws.
+The length, pretty long for any mod
+Lovely atmospheric level design
+Scares are few and don't happen until a good 20-25 minutes in so it knows how to build the tension.
+Voice acting
+- the Level design is fairly up there, with going for minimalist but with more dust, dark environments, and more rooms than we typically see. Although for some it can mean wading through a dark a bit more than what is comfortable.
- Story is a little generic but the it makes up for it with the voice acting
- Monster encounters start to increase towards the end, making it a bit more (although I managed to escape everytime) it still felt like it was losing its good pacing.
- The monster in the end while a good showcase for it, the mod doesn't allow you to move meaning the monster ends up getting to close to you before you can move which isn't very nice for any game.

hjolulle says
10 hjolulle

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spyroflames says
10 spyroflames

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-Waddeee- says
10 -Waddeee-

Dec 24th, 2012 0 people agree 0 people don't

Pure AWESMNESS... I want to be in a party like dat :D

RikeuAmeva says
9 RikeuAmeva

Dec 6th, 2012 0 people agree 0 people don't
This review may contain spoilers

Love this mod, definitely one of my favorites.

- Voice acting is superb, something very hard to find in Amnesia custom stories.

- The story is interesting, albeit a little generic so far with the rich-man-creates-horrific-monsters theme, but this may change as more chapters are released and the story is fleshed out.

- After the prison sequence, the number of monster encounters is a little too high for my taste; in the final version of the mod, a tweak of monster encounters might be a good idea to consider: too many encounters goes from being scary to being more of an annoying hindrance for the player.

- In the final chase sequence, when you are forced to look at the Brute as it bursts down the door and begins to race at you, sometimes the Brute can get way too close before you are allowed to run, causing your instantaneous death as he beats you with his huge, sharp murder-stick. Here's an idea to consider: have the door be burst open but then turn the player toward the corridor and have the "RUN!" prompt (don't let him watch the Brute walk out toward him). Seeing the monster coming toward you, in my opinion, isn't as scary as running for your life with NO idea where the monster is: if it's RIGHT behind you, or a few feet behind you.

Final thoughts:

Story (so far): 8/10 - Very promising but somewhat generic at this point in time. A few grammatical and spelling errors here and there but nothing you guys couldn't fix with some proofreading.

Atmosphere: 9/10 - Nice level design and lighting, but don't be afraid to try new things!

Scares: 9/10 - Interesting scares such as hearing the two men talking and seeing the Grunt walk across the banister into the room to kill them.

Voice Acting: 10/10 - Both Gary's and Thomas' voice actors (forgive me, their names slip my mind) are superb. I could literally feel the demented, ****** up joy in Thomas' voice as he revealed his "perfect creation" to Gary.

Overall: 9/10 - Totally recommended.

blackdragon121 says
10 blackdragon121

Nov 17th, 2012 0 people agree 0 people don't

Horrorgamer777 says
10 Horrorgamer777

Nov 7th, 2012 0 people agree 0 people don't

Very suspenceful and good.Exellent good sir

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