Galactic Armory is a total conversion/expansion mod for Blind Mind Studio's 4X hit Star Ruler. Featuring more than 100 subsystems and structures, upgraded graphics and sound effects as well as more refined and complex game mechanics, Galactic Armory takes the already deep and engaging gameplay of Star Ruler to a whole new level. Are you ready to face a galaxy full of challenges?

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Relativistic Annihilator ("Ion Cannon")
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Object Designation:
Relativistic Annihilator, commonly called “Ion Cannon”

Used by Remnants, though specifications do not match any known Remnant technology

Created out of technology that is still not fully understood, the Relativistic Annihilator seems to ionize particles within a vast region of space, attracts them and focuses them into a single point. This creates a small, yet extremely dense object, which is then
accelerated to near lightspeed. A planet hit by this horrifying weapon, if not destroyed, is at least sterilized of all lifeforms; detecting this projectile before impact is next
to impossible due to the speed.

Threat Level:
Low/High (see Tactical Approach for details)

Strategic Priority:

Tactical Aproach:
Can be captured using boarding parties. Object doesn’t appear to be active when left alone. Poses a large threat if captured by hostile forces.

Additional Notes:
Object size equals a medium-sized star, thus creating its own gravity well in deep space. Protected by a large network of defense satellites.

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