2011 release renamed to: G STRING BETA. The Dec. 19 2011 release is now referred to as a beta release- read the mod's "news" to see why. Download the beta in the mod's "downloads" section.

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My opinion of this mind lies within the general consensus, and that is that while this is a herculean effort from the sole modder behind this project (Seriously, pat yourself on the back for this and take the weekend off. You deserve it.) it simply suffers from too many issues to be truly immersive, or dare I say, even fun.

For one the level design is stagnant, lifeless, and completely unfriendly to all but the most stubborn players. There is no hint on where to go and even the natural conventions of level design simply do not exist. E.G: Left or right is often not the case, sometimes it's up or down with the tiniest ladder or hole completely out of the way in the corner of the world in an unlighted area.

Secondly the story has narrative issues. It addresses the player in and out of the 4th wall, and does its best to alienate you from knowing what the hell is even going on. Simply, the story is confusing and bizarre. You will not know whats going on for something like 6 hours due to the experimental and often simply weird and macarbe story telling techniques. Flashbacks-in-flashbacks, retro-reality filters and strange characters who all are the same voice actress... it is so surreal and, simply put, it is uncanny valley. I do not feel like a part of this world.

Once we get to the combat, well, it's just standard source affair with insanely shoddy hitboxes and twitchy gunplay. That is about when I started losing complete interest, and had to put it down to keep myself from rage quitting.

Wonderful and titanic effort. Next time though, start smaller, start more polished, and start more focused. This feels like an ant hill that turned into a mountain with only one person doing the terraforming.

Artistically, this shows some promise. I mainly downloaded this because the screens interested me, and the author does seem to have a good hand on textures, lighting, and mapping.

From the get-go, tho, there were problems. The glitchy icon in my Steam menu was forgivable, but then the game started with no sound- the default volume settings were at zero for some reason. Then, even more discouraging, was having no clue what I was looking for or where I was going in the very first area. Finally getting out of the area, I soon discovered a needlessly difficult combat system- no crosshairs, overpowered enemies, and a convoluted fireball system (cast it, chase it down, grab it grav-gun style, THEN throw it and hope it hits... while under fire, and again without a crosshair). Add to that further level navigation difficulties, a very intense film grain and forced letterboxing (making it very hard to see on my old 17" tube), and I decided this was too much of a headache to play thru.

It's quite a shame- the sights in the screens look like things I want to see. But I won't give myself a migraine getting there.

Very well done for a single modder, and in the amount of time you did it in, greater still. But maybe you should of taken more time on it, learnt more on level design and what not as it was near impossible to find where to go next, it was overly difficult in some spots (for the most was easy, but you'd end up with no ammo taking on 2 shotguns with a hammer :/)
Well done, Bit of a miss, but hey, pretty good concept/world/backstory
So good work on that

I am looking forward to re-reviewing this when the update comes along (:


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