2011 release renamed to: G STRING BETA. The Dec. 19 2011 release is now referred to as a beta release- read the mod's "news" to see why. Download the beta in the mod's "downloads" section.

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Dr.Doozer says

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The mod is severely broken by level design that does nothing to remotely help direct the player where they need to go. The story is nearly non-existent [I verbally questioned why I should not go back and help the supposedly Hungarian scientist part-way through the game]. Color palates make every area feel exactly the same with very little deviation from motif. What felt like the first 15 levels of the game seemed to be filler for the remainder of the story.

It literally felt like the beta all over again, this time with lights in the final 40 or so maps so it wasn't fullbright.

I'm sorry, but this monumental effort on MyoHyo's part [which I exceedingly congratulate her for on every level] produced a mediocre game at best that will challenge the player to the breaking point. Even I, a relatively patient person who can wait out a particularly cantankerous game such as "Darkest of Days," found myself at the verge of throwing my keyboard across the room. The mod's overall design is just the pinnacle of what not to do.

That being said, I do believe story concepts [when not lost in rather bizarre sequences or when not lost in filler mapping] proved to be rather intriguing. It shows the truest form of a totalitarian government that can soon become reality. That being said, though, I never felt I understood the NAU's motive to stop you or felt any kind of emotion for any character I encountered.

What really saves this mod, though, is just the thought that MyoHyo took five years of her life to construct this. For that, I again thank her for the effort.


Scorium says

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I just finished my play-through of this mod. It was impressively presented artistically, but...

Game Assets: 10/10
Level Design: 2/10
Story & Plot: 3/10
General Emotion when playing: Frustration

----The Levels----
The level design is too open, and I was wandering around, frustrated that there were no visual ques to guide me. I guess I'm used to the more obvious or cleverly presented visuals of Valve, but there's a limit to how obtuse can be about these things! The ledges were so paper thin that I questioned whether I was going the right way. I found myself running headfirst into all the doors, and pressing "E" madly when I couldn't figure out where to go...

And EVERYONE loves a good "press the button to open the door, but wait you've got to go back and press it again because there's an ambush waiting for you" game device, but having it happen with EVERY door button is just so tiresome.

[Suggestions: *Bigger ledges, *More obvious visual cues, *Less trekking back and forth through the level.]

---The Story---
To sum up the general feeling: What am I looking at?

Sure, I get that some of the citizens are getting mutated through some chemicals or just natural evolution, and that Myo's new friend becomes an ascended being later on, but who was that GUY that was jacking stuff up towards the end? I guessed he was the "spirit" of the machine" that mankind surrendered itself to, but I couldn't follow most of what was going on at that point.

I know you wrote it in a cryptic, deep manner to get the player thinking, but it was so all over the place that there wasn't any room for character development. :-/

[Suggestions: *Develop a -definite- message within the story, /OR/ *Focus more on character development.]

I enjoyed this mod's look and I was highly impressed with it's assets, but there are so many glitches, level design frustrations, and non-cohesive story-telling to get a thorough enjoyment out of the game, or the lesson it was trying to teach.

Why is it so hard to control?

For the sake of relevance, movement feels really clunky (the props only make it worse) and for some reason the mouse is too sensitive and i can't reduce it.

I ended up not playing it all that much, the clunky movement was a game breaker for me.

This mod is rather... obscure. I found it hard to get into, although the setting was really good. I didn't like the fact that the game had a permanent cinematic widescreen view to it. It has a lot of potential if you work some more on it, I just didn't find it all that interesting.


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