2011 release renamed to: G STRING BETA. The Dec. 19 2011 release is now referred to as a beta release- read the mod's "news" to see why. Download the beta in the mod's "downloads" section.

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I've gotten stuck a few times and it took me a while to progress. Great mod though.

This mod is mind-blowing !

wow :D its sad how i can see our U.S. Government doing this to us one day :/ but such a good game! lol

This mod was fun and pretty atmospheric, but had a great difficulty curve when you had to figure out where to go. The combat was solid and was cool when the music came on to support you. But sometimes the quality of the voice actors is not very good. There was this one level when I was crouching under an object and the voice that talks to you tells you that people are talking about you. About 30 seconds of hearing voices that you cannot make out without hearing it hundreds of times, I just quit the game and hoped for subtitles to be released. This game was fun and challenging up to that point, so I gave it a 7 out of 10.
(P.S. If you are reading this MyoHyo, please do release subtitles!)

I have a love/hate issue with this mod. I love the fact that is a distopian future total conversion of the Half Life game and unlike many other mods It doesn't look or feel like Half Life at all. The creator of this mod made sure to give the player a completely different experience and I really appreciate that. The art direction and style is perfect and some instance of the game really make you appreciate the job done. Due to the intricate map the game can become extremely frustrating most of the time since you just don't know where to go and there isn't anything that guides to the next map. I think this could easily be fixed by re arranging some parts of the map or making some hidden arrows or notes on the wall made of blood or graffiti to help the player get through. Something as simple as this could really make a difference for this mod. Hopefully the developer consider this possibility. I'll patiently wait for a newer fixed version before downloading again. And to be honest, I can't wait.

This game is absolutely breathtaking. I love the distopian cyberpunkish atmosphere. I cannot find the right words to express the awesomeness of this game, of this detail richness, of this will to create something to make the people think, as I said I can't find the right words to describe this game but I know that I hate the greed and the power-madness of humanity thats shown in this game.

Best mod ever. Ive completed it twice already and now i cant wait for the G-String Day One and G-String The Last Day. I personally like this mod much more than Half Life 2 and it's Episodes Because it has great story , great maps and great action music! Omg i love the mod if you like to play something different you've come to right place its more FPS with super powers and you have to think to get to the next lvl. It isn't one of those games that you run and shoot here you need to think and i can admit ive been stuck a lot in the game haha! What i personally don't like are the Models and animations, What i mean with Animations... Well they aren't that great and models well they are low detailed. I personally would rate this game 10 of 10 because its different than other mods!

Decent enough, although the weapon models are a bit low-res and the environment is a bit bland, though I do understand why. (more graffiti or something please, also perhaps a little more direction, I got lost quite a few times. If it weren't for that walkthrough, I'd be a goner). I would also recommend that you put the extra keybinds (pyrokenisis, slow-mo, etc) in the options menu, rather than having people press W&S to fire a ball of fire, though I can understand why you many want a "combo" of keys.

The biggest problem I have is the weapon damage, and how it takes light-years to kill anything. It's like firing an airsoft gun.

However, that can be fixed with a simple edit of the .cfg.

Other than that, I must say that this mod does really present a dreary, dull, bleak future for mankind and that it makes me feel like I won't want to be around in 30 years or so.

Not many games do that. Kudos. You did a splendid job.

i'm fan of Ghost in the shell and Bladerunner, and this mod is efficiently inspired of them


Redfoxhastea says

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Recently finished the mod, or should i call it a game due to how amazing it felt to play as the little Myo Hyo roaming ToykoTwice, tired of the way of life. The game itself is simply..awe-inspiring. The use of Jpop at certain intervals, the slow-mo fighting scenes (Especially as the We want your soul soundtrack starts blasting) felt like no other game play to date. There was a scene where i accidentally hit the Slow-mo on a level 3 complex map to see a bad guy slowly fall down to my left as i defended myself from multiple directions. It was..glorious.

The odd issues where you had to jump to move, where a plant pot could kill you and a book could kill Ted Murdock by throwing it at him (which was hilarious) weren't an issue for me. I can understand a mod that big (over 3GB) would have some issue's here and there which don't bother, a rating of 10 can show that but i have some issues with the story.

Who is this Myo Hyo? From the game we know she's 18, Red hair with a Korean descent, she's extremely dangerous which becomes more apparent as you play the game how powerful you become, she is unable to speak (That being from being beaten by her mother as a child or being a born condition, we're not told) We even know what type of suit she wears, but that's where it ends. After that I'm still asking myself.. WHO is Myo Hyo? I don't see backstory other than bits of information passed around. Secondly WHO or WHAT are the voices that guide and break me, who is that female who tells me to do good, and then the other female telling me to embrace my evil side? (Ted Murdock, to fire or not to fire moment) Who is the male telling me to stop every 2 minutes and go back?

WHY does she randomly get teleported around at the ending, to be told by the wonderous female voice to go back home? Why go to sleep? Why does she i don't know..implode with light taking the city down with her? Was it all a dream in the end? If so..what was the point of the game? To die in your bed? Overall 10/10!

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