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great mod i ve seen done by only a single dude, this is marvelous and profound... immerssive. impressive. this is a whole new universe.


My opinion of this mind lies within the general consensus, and that is that while this is a herculean effort from the sole modder behind this project (Seriously, pat yourself on the back for this and take the weekend off. You deserve it.) it simply suffers from too many issues to be truly immersive, or dare I say, even fun.

For one the level design is stagnant, lifeless, and completely unfriendly to all but the most stubborn players. There is no hint on where to go and even the natural conventions of level design simply do not exist. E.G: Left or right is often not the case, sometimes it's up or down with the tiniest ladder or hole completely out of the way in the corner of the world in an unlighted area.

Secondly the story has narrative issues. It addresses the player in and out of the 4th wall, and does its best to alienate you from knowing what the hell is even going on. Simply, the story is confusing and bizarre. You will not know whats going on for something like 6 hours due to the experimental and often simply weird and macarbe story telling techniques. Flashbacks-in-flashbacks, retro-reality filters and strange characters who all are the same voice actress... it is so surreal and, simply put, it is uncanny valley. I do not feel like a part of this world.

Once we get to the combat, well, it's just standard source affair with insanely shoddy hitboxes and twitchy gunplay. That is about when I started losing complete interest, and had to put it down to keep myself from rage quitting.

Wonderful and titanic effort. Next time though, start smaller, start more polished, and start more focused. This feels like an ant hill that turned into a mountain with only one person doing the terraforming.


Scorium says

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I just finished my play-through of this mod. It was impressively presented artistically, but...

Game Assets: 10/10
Level Design: 2/10
Story & Plot: 3/10
General Emotion when playing: Frustration

----The Levels----
The level design is too open, and I was wandering around, frustrated that there were no visual ques to guide me. I guess I'm used to the more obvious or cleverly presented visuals of Valve, but there's a limit to how obtuse can be about these things! The ledges were so paper thin that I questioned whether I was going the right way. I found myself running headfirst into all the doors, and pressing "E" madly when I couldn't figure out where to go...

And EVERYONE loves a good "press the button to open the door, but wait you've got to go back and press it again because there's an ambush waiting for you" game device, but having it happen with EVERY door button is just so tiresome.

[Suggestions: *Bigger ledges, *More obvious visual cues, *Less trekking back and forth through the level.]

---The Story---
To sum up the general feeling: What am I looking at?

Sure, I get that some of the citizens are getting mutated through some chemicals or just natural evolution, and that Myo's new friend becomes an ascended being later on, but who was that GUY that was jacking stuff up towards the end? I guessed he was the "spirit" of the machine" that mankind surrendered itself to, but I couldn't follow most of what was going on at that point.

I know you wrote it in a cryptic, deep manner to get the player thinking, but it was so all over the place that there wasn't any room for character development. :-/

[Suggestions: *Develop a -definite- message within the story, /OR/ *Focus more on character development.]

I enjoyed this mod's look and I was highly impressed with it's assets, but there are so many glitches, level design frustrations, and non-cohesive story-telling to get a thorough enjoyment out of the game, or the lesson it was trying to teach.

I joined up with ModDB for the express purpose of rating this mod.

Excellent, most excellent!

It still needs a little work, a few more encounters with different types of creature - a few bugs here and there.

But overall this is one of the best mods you are likely to find out there, for this or any other game!

People who didn't play to the end are missing out. The last couple of maps are really epic. A good mix of action, as well as the conclusion of the story.

Watching the main character's power grow to its conclusion is just amazing, and satisfying.

An original concept brought to life by vast environments, unique models and an interesting story.

This piece of modding is - simply - unique.
Afeter so many years of pc playing (only top quality mod obviously),
well I just can say...masterpiece.
Chapeaux - M'inchino!
riki from italy Medioevo

Amazing work, each areas are like a puzzle, looking for a way to pass through obstacles. The views of tokyo twice from a skyscraper are breathtaking.

You should really be proud of yourself for this, as far as dystopian scenery and in-game atmosphere goes, you might as well have written the book. The environs live and breathe an atmosphere of oppression, desolation, and past calamity. They are fully engaging, and many times I've caught myself being distracted from the game by how much depth and detail was put into the world you've created. I only wish the gameplay matched how great this mod looks.

For the majority of the levels, it feels like you did either very little playtesting, or simply wanted it to be confusing. There were many parts where I was impeded because I missed something obvious that you placed far too inconspicuously. Another issue of note is the player characters weapon animations. The hammers animation is awful, it looks like instead of hitting with it, you just recoil with the hammer; it makes no sense at all. The psychic powers are a nice plot device, but ultimately feel largely underwhelming, as I always seemed to favor the usage of firearms every time. The plot was also hard to follow in some parts, and really left me direly wanting to know what was going on, and you need some goddamn subtitles. Seriously, your characters are really hard to hear.

In conclusion, this mod feels like you have your image in mind, but you forgot everyone else doesn't. The world you've created is just fantastic, a real joy to behold; but from the standpoint of the player, it's confusing, hard to navigate, and it's seldom clear where you're going. Both in terms of the plot, and in the level itself. Ultimately though, with a little bit of gumption and some tolerance, any player can tough through the rough patches in your mod, and hopefully enjoy all the work you put in.


While Gameplay wise it suffers from a lot of flaws the mayor strenght of this mod lies on its ambiance and artwork. It brought to me something that I have not experienced in a long time while playing videogames and that is "wonder". Keep up the good work.

I wasn't impressed. Boring athmosphere, dreary gameplay.

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