2011 release renamed to: G STRING BETA. The Dec. 19 2011 release is now referred to as a beta release- read the mod's "news" to see why. Download the beta in the mod's "downloads" section.

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This was the G String BETA release on DEC 19, 2011. Back then this release was called simply G String- later as development of a newer version became a reality it was referred to as "G String Version 1" or "V1." G String (the final version) is still in development, this finalized version may come out towards the end of 2015- or early 2016.

Posted by Eyaura on Dec 23rd, 2011

G String BETA out now.

I know that originally this was the full release but so many changes and improvements have been made since 2011 that I think technically now we can honestly refer to this old release as a PUBLIC BETA. I had no intentions of continuing development on the mod but due to public interest and a sense of a "missed opportunity" I continued. This 2011 release was rushed since I wanted to just get the mod out and move on. I did not want the mod to die under any circumstances so I am glad I have released it. I knew it's not what it can be but after 5 years I was ready to move on.

Hopefully there is still enough time for everyone to get used to this new name before the final version comes out. If you uploaded the mod elsewhere, or made YouTube videos maybe change the names in the descriptions. Thank you.

I am still not sure what the final version will be called maybe simply "G String" while this old one will stay the "G String Beta". I am leaning towards calling the final version "G String: Awakening", or "G String: The Last Story" maybe "G String: Singularity"... some end of time type of name. We will see.

Concerning the new version- A lot of progress is being made, I have now and have had over the years wonderful help (with voice work, music, prop making and coding) but keep in mind that I am still mostly working alone- especially when it comes to mapping. God willing the mod will be done towards the end of this year but I am not promising that. The new version will run on Source SDK 2013 (still free).

Meanwhile here are the links to the BETA:
ModDB Mirror

Supernatural science fiction with a dash of horror. Slow and eerie in the first three or so hours, more action heavy afterwards.


  • The air is foul and corporate fascism reigns in the not too distant future. Somewhere in the North American Union you are Myo Hyori, an 18 year-old girl of Korean descent who has had enough. Oh and you can start fires- with your mind. This makes your corporate owners very nervous...
  • Humanity is deeply in debt and under constant surveillance.
  • Refugees flood the West due to a devastating war in the Middle East and major earth changes in South-East Asia.
  • The oil flow dries up.
  • Marshall Law introduced in response to a chain of domestic terrorist attacks against major financial institutions.
  • The air becomes poisonous in major cities - The rise of air tycoons, owners of air recycling plants.
  • Anyone not purchasing a set amount of goods in a certain amount of time is labeled a nosumer and can be charged with refusal to stimulate the failing economy.
  • Cybernetics is everywhere.
  • Europe becomes too cold, many parts of Asia sink, Africa and South America are raped for natural resources while North America is constantly ravaged by earthquakes.
  • Marriage and the nuclear family are history.
  • There are permanent colonies on Mars and the Moon.
  • But as the old world is crumbling something new is coming into being. Many people are waking up to their true powers- their DNA changing somehow... You are one of these outcasts.

Enjoy and please keep in mind that I am one girl and it took me five years to make this. To those who have helped me test and compile- thank you for your time.


  • 54 maps.
  • 12+ hours of gameplay.
  • All new content. This is a total conversion- it does not take place in the Half Life universe.


  • Steam account (FREE)
  • Source SDK Base 2006 (FREE)
  • Yes, the mod is 100% FREE, no need for any other game to play it.
  • Specs wise if you can play HL2 you can play this.


  • Download RAR files.
  • Extract to your steam\steamapps\sourcemods folder.
  • Play.


  • Not much of an issue but I'll mention that the volume is set to 0 when you start so adjust it to your liking before starting a new game.
  • In the first level break the window next to the first stairs to find the keycard.
  • During the ending the last ascension ride might not start (after the TV screen shrinks and fades to white.)- open console and type "map end_3". Now you should be able to get to the end credits.
  • After emerging from the robot cemetery, on the top floor there is a level transition which might not trigger- load the last quicksave.
  • Sometimes the "SMG" primary ammo does not display- just switch to another weapon with bullets like the pistol then switch back to "SMG."
  • The missingheadcrab.mdl and the fireball crashes apply only to source
    sdk 2007. If you have those issues make sure you use source sdk 2006
    (steamID 215) in the g string gameinfo. Make sure your source sdk base
    2006 is validated and up to date. If you have the sdk base 2006
    installed and you still have the mentioned problems uninstall it and
    download it again from Steam. Also try to run the source sdk 2006 once
    before playing my mod.


  • My YouTube channel: Youtube.com
  • Thank you for helping the mod become an EDITOR'S CHOICE FOR 2012.
  • The Mod is not on DESURA due to technical issues.
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C-zom Dec 23 2011, 11:50pm says:

Dude, five years of your life.

I can't wrap my mind around that.

My opinion of the mod doesn't even matter in this comment: I simply find that stunning, and thank you for the time to produce something entirely for free.

+25 votes     reply to comment
the*Joker Dec 24 2011, 12:33am replied:

She's a girl, so its not 'dude'. Cmon C-zom! lol jk

But I agree, thats the type of passion and dedication that gets people far in this world. I would be honored to meet someone like you in real life. Honored.

+9 votes     reply to comment
Zlandael Dec 24 2011, 12:54am says:

I'm shocked that development was 5 years, like how Pixel developed Cave Story in 5 years. And that was by himself, too!

Nevertheless, you delivered something simply stunning.

+5 votes     reply to comment
ASTER[i]SK Dec 24 2011, 2:10am says:

Amazing! must play

+3 votes     reply to comment
Velancious Dec 24 2011, 2:37am says:

The cops in this game own me...first one I saw suddenly opened fire on my *** and I cut him down with my flames.

Next thing you know I was down to 20 hp still wondering what the hell to do!

+3 votes     reply to comment
medve Dec 24 2011, 4:49am says:

"they want her bad...cause...cause she knows stuff" :DDDDD
anyway the style looks awsome, im downloading.

ps: +1 for the torrent

+6 votes     reply to comment
thekolokolone Dec 24 2011, 5:09am says:

Last night I had a dream so strange as always, but there was a japanese girl in my dream... and baammmm... Myo realesed g-string... :DD Yeah probably Im not a medium, but I had a dream about the future... xD Oh, and respect to Myo!

+2 votes     reply to comment
SolidFake Dec 24 2011, 9:47am says:

get prepared to get reviewed

rapidshare part two is missing!
(you linked part 1 twice)

+3 votes     reply to comment
WiFiDi Dec 24 2011, 6:16pm says:

so if i downloaded this right off moddb is it still the same version?

+3 votes     reply to comment
DillonBarba Dec 24 2011, 6:27pm says:

levels are really convoluted and i cant tell what im supposed to be doing, also i now have a headache.

+4 votes     reply to comment
BlueWolf72 Dec 24 2011, 9:04pm says:

You get 1k points for finishing. 1st map should of be touched up but still congrats for doing something I could never do finish a project!

+4 votes     reply to comment
cinco Dec 28 2011, 5:29pm says:

if this was ****, i'd still be a waste of time. but it's not. aesthetically, at least, obviously some effort had gone into this.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SPY-maps Jan 5 2012, 6:34pm says:

its amazing that she worked for 5 full years on this mod, and that it is made by a girl (or woman, believe she is 31 or 32), there are hardly any mods made by girls. that said, i do like the overall looks of this mod. but the overall leveldesign is so bad that it frustrates the hell out of me. i do like to explore maps, straight paths from A to B i hate in maps. but this is overkill, way to many times i don't know what to do, where to do it and why. and then the times that i did get stuck on things laying on the floor, so frustrating, (and that when this can so easily be avoided by a flag of the physic models!). to complete the frustration, the cross hair is missing, what makes that specialy when a enemy is in the distance i have to shoot all my ammo away to kill it.

this does sound all quit harsh, i know, and probebly people will give me loads of negative votes here, but i don't care. this is my impression and i have the right to say what i think of the mod.
also did i notice that this mod had a 10/10 rating quit often hours after it was released. how is this possible, i assume that most of the people who gave it a 10 out of 10 never even played it, and just gave it after they watched the trailer, and or screens, (or because it is made by a girl).

sorry MyoHyo, but i really do think that this should have been beta tested, and if it is beta tested then it is badly done.
again, sorry for my harsh words, but this is really a shame, 5 years that delivered this mod, it could have been so much more, because it clearly has potential, it just doesn't deliver....


+2 votes     reply to comment
LabRat Jan 12 2012, 1:00am says:

1. Visually looks like F.E.A.R. 1 (YES!)
2. Chick is pointman's sister (**** YES!)
3. 5 years? FUUUUUCK!

+5 votes     reply to comment
ThatDisturbedBoy Aug 7 2012, 5:05pm says:

Looks very nice, I'll play it soon!

+3 votes     reply to comment
MisterMister Sep 28 2012, 10:50pm says:

It's so 90s I love it.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Skitzomaniac Oct 1 2012, 9:11am says:

I love this mod! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, this is an amazing mod! Even better than Black Mesa imho

+3 votes     reply to comment
yoyopo9109 Aug 24 2013, 1:34pm says:

I need to play this game so bad, I can't download it from anywhere

+1 vote     reply to comment
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