Freeworlds: Tides of War is a fan built Star Wars total conversion mod for Digital Anvil's Freelancer game that was released several years ago. When fans began to make mods for Freelancer, one of the many things people were keen on seeing was a Freelancer mod based on the Star Wars universe developed by George Lucas. Freeworlds and Tides of War were the answer to this outcry. The development team of both mods have now joined forces to create an epic new Star Wars TC, Freeworlds: Tides of War.

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Hyperlanes Gravity Wells Visualization
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atise Dec 13 2012 says:

looks like same idea with darkspace. its a rly good tactical feature.

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ADTeam™ Dec 13 2012 says:

Great feature, go ahead guys!

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evgenidb Dec 14 2012 says:

I think the asteroid field should also be part of the no-hyperspace fields. Not because of the gravity wells but because there's lots of objects you can hit while entering/exiting it.

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TSP-FriendlyFire Creator
TSP-FriendlyFire Dec 14 2012 replied:

You raise a fair point. The tricky part is balancing between the heavy usage of asteroid fields by pirates (who also mostly rely on their own hyperdrives, since they're outlaws and thus unable to use the main hyperlanes) and the logic that asteroid fields would be rather deadly in hyperspace.

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evgenidb Dec 14 2012 replied:

Then why not set additional hyperlines just for mercenaries and outlaws. They will be visible and usable by them, but official forces such as Imps, the NR, or the Correlians won't be able to use them.

You can even go way further and make the Kessel Run - a series of small dangerous and hazardous systems which can be accessed with those stealthy hyperlanes, which can be used to bypass the NR fleets, and go directly to Y'toub. Of course, it won't be a Kessel Run we know and love if those systems are too easy to fly through.

Or you can make some shortcuts (similar to Jump Holes in Freelancer) which can be used only by the outlaws like pirates, smugglers, etc.. Maybe even the Hutts.

I think this should even make the outlaws a little bit more attractive side.

Of course, that probably means more work on your side, and, more importantly, you have to check if it's even possible to do that.

P.S. And what happened with Kessel, the Black Holes, the gravity? I know Team Freeworlds was playing with it but haven't heard anything on that front for quite a while.

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TSP-FriendlyFire Creator
TSP-FriendlyFire Dec 15 2012 replied:

The largest problems with that would be, in ascending order:
1) All hypergates and hyperlanes use the same, very bright "icon" so that they are easily visible from far away. Outlaw hyperlanes would have to use a different icon or none at all, which would break the uniformity for no logical reason.
2) There is no effective way of stopping a player from docking with a tradelane or a jumpgate. We would have to figure out an implementation of that.
3) Even if technically the NR or the Corellians shouldn't "know" about such lanes, they most certainly will, and quickly. The hyperlanes would get frequently patrolled and watched and would end up being unable to meet their original purpose, which is to give outlaws "shady" hyperlanes.

It's never easy to introduce such large changes, which is why we've been careful with them thus far. I believe that for the time being we will allow dynamic hypergates and hyperlanes in asteroid fields, and we can adjust during the beta from player feedback.

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ImpKalis Dec 20 2012 says:

dumb question: Can hyperspace lanes be disrupted?

dumb question the 2nd: What if you crash into another ship at lightspeed?

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Dec 13th, 2012
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