Freeworlds: Tides of War is a fan built Star Wars total conversion mod for Digital Anvil's Freelancer game that was released several years ago. When fans began to make mods for Freelancer, one of the many things people were keen on seeing was a Freelancer mod based on the Star Wars universe developed by George Lucas. Freeworlds and Tides of War were the answer to this outcry. The development team of both mods have now joined forces to create an epic new Star Wars TC, Freeworlds: Tides of War.

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Mar 30 2012 Anchor

Ok, I basicly understand that you have Republic forces(Those that oppose the Empire), the Empire(That allows certain cargo, not spice of course), then you have syndicates(Criminal organizations, like the Hutt Syndicate, which transports goods that the factions might find illegal, EX: Slaves; Illegal in Republic; Legal in Empire). Will admins and the complaints about particular players violating the rules of the server or will there be servers and no offical server, where we would have to report to another forum of the server? I just want to clarify, sicne Discovery Admins doesnt respond to certain questions and dont say anything what so ever about the subject and dont respond to ingame chats directed to them.

May 23 2012 Anchor

where is the faq

Aug 30 2012 Anchor

Was wondering if there would be "bar" missions in the final? Like if I was a Republic fighter pilot, if there would be missions like patrol, escort, or arrest..etc..?

Jan 7 2013 Anchor

i wonder if we will be able in conquering other planets?

Jan 7 2013 Anchor

I think the Conquering aspect might need alot of work, also be annoying to update after a number of times cause of the change from Hostile/Friendly and visversa. I haven't seen anything about the Bar that would suggest about that, maybe only a mission board only, or just only Player Based Missions(Non-programed missions).

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