A Co-op Multiplayer mod for Mount&Blade Warband. Fight against hordes of zombies, barbarians, goblins or even armies of potato-throwing-zombie-clowns. Take the role of a colonist with a musket, a 17th century heavy armored Sergeant, a macedonian phalangite or a nordic bowman and try to survive against endless waves of evil invaders. The mod features various maps to play on, everyone unique and challenging.

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I have never found such a fun mod

This is a awesome mod!!! But that doesn't mean there are some mistakes. I had a lot of fun playing Custom Battle & loved the new sound effects. But i couldn't find a SINGLE SERVER in multiplayer that was suitable for me. That means: compatible with module and no password(public) Also the Attacks of the players,zombies,and barbarians in the custom battle is just a waste. Just all of them are naked. The mod was fun though


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