Full Invasion 2 is a co-op module for Mount & Blade: Warband where you and your friends battle countless waves of invaders and bosses with the goal to survive as long as possible. Build defenses, dig in, and team up; it’s going to be a long fight.

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Ok, that mod have much factions, good weapons and items, high-level maps, interesting invasion mode

this is an EXCELLENT mod.It has everything I like (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings) and some of the things I hate (ponies) and playing as something you love pitted against something you hate is an outstanding feeling. All of the models and textures are excellent, I rarely get a CTD or error and just the sheer amount of content is overwhelming.


This mod is one in a kind. Its mental over the top challenging and the most part fun! You fight waves of enemies that are hard to begin with and only get harder. Everyone dies at least once and its a whole load of fun. With proper teamwork and coordination you can do well! Its got loads of weapons and factions to play on. I suggest anyone with Warband plays this mod!
10/10 because well its amazing

I have always dreamed to participate in the battle of helm s deep.
Full Invasion 2 dream a realitu ^^ !

Amazing mod deffinitly must play i just loved it from to begining

it should get a prize or something

Great Developers, Great mod, Keep it up!


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its so good!!


no dowlanding

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